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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Living better Life as a Youth

A youth who wants to live better life have some things he/she needs to know and at the same time put in place. One of the factors is proper plan and enforcement. In the book written by Joel Osteen which he entitled "Become a better You", there are some things he pointed out that can make someone better. Here, the topic is restricted to making youths better rather than addressing the larger number which makes that a broad topic.

In this article, we will be discussing few basic things youths need to know and do to live better. Also, at the end, a reference book which is written by this same author is presented for further study.

1. Financial Plan: The financial plan you make for yourself determines whether you will make money or not. What kind of accounts do you have? How do you spend your money? Do you think you will always have money around you always? Are you the type that can spend all the money you have on your girlfriend just to make her happy? Friend, your future and dream is greater than that of your girlfriend. Think of something reasonable you can invest your money into.

Start saving from the little you have already. As a youth, you need insurance account that will make you save. You can save for one year or more. That will go a long way in equipping you financially. Sometimes, I smile whenever I see young people in the university waste money as if they print it. University and college years are times to make plan for tomorrow. It is not a time to spend wastefully.

Some banks in some parts of the world have already started running the insurance accounts. You can open one for yourself and start saving. Youths can even save into this account once every 4 months. You may be surprised at the money you will realize at the end of your study. This can go a long way in taking you to the path of better life.

2. Diversification: Do not in anyway let you knowledge be limited to any particular area of specialization. That you studied a particular course in the college should not make your knowledge to be limited in that particular field. Learn other things. Diversification can open doors to diverse sources of income.

As an author, I am a banker as well. There are also other things I do which also adds to my income. So learn to grow far in knowledge as well as income.  Many great people made their wealth because they diversified.

3. Think Positively about the future: Do not in any way allow your present condition to weigh you down. No matter the level of threat you think you are receiving from anyone as  result of the present condition of yours, do not in any way take it as the determinant of your tomorrow. Say to yourself, "my tomorrow is greater than my today". That will go a long way in keeping you going in your journey to live better life as a youth.

Start picturing yourself as someone who is living in a mansion that is well furnished by you. When you start picturing this and add effort to what you are doing currently, you will see yourself in that position in time to come. You cannot feature in any life you cannot picture. Just build your faith strong and you will see yourself excelling and in that position you pictured yourself.

In am a living testimony. I started writing as an article writer through Hubpages Inc. United States. Anytime I publish new articles on this site, I received sound and encouraging comments from my readers. My articles on this site currently have been read for almost one million times.

One day, I started picturing myself as one of the co-authors of very strong book. I began to see my article as being read by learned individual and the individual applied for the article to appear in a book. I kept having the faith and picturing. I knew that will increase visibility of my writing career, adds credibility, and at the end add more money to my bank account.

One day, it came to pass. It happened in March 2016. I got a message from one Nigerian profession residing in the United States of America requesting that one of those my articles appears as one of the book chapters of the book which he was going to be the editor. After my research, I gave my approval. This is a book that is made up of eighteen authors with not less that eight classic professors. Today, the proof copies of the book have been published and the full copies will be made available in market places in early 2017.

Do not allow your present situation to bring down your spirit. Even if you are passing through one sin/challenge or the other, wasting your energy in it will not change anything. Forget about it and move forward. Keep thinking positive that you will win in future and you will see it come true. PEACE...

The book below will help you to learn other basic information you need to live better as a youth.  


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