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Challenges facing Nigerian Education Sector 

This article is on the challenges that the education sector of giant of Africa, Nigeria, has been facing for years. 

Unemployment: Causes and Consequences

Unemployment is a general global issue facing the world today. This problem has caused many citizens of every country blame her government. Read more

Nigerian Youth Challenges

Nigerian youths on daily basis face some challenges. These challenges are much and many sometimes find themselves into some dirty acts that they may not ordinarily partake because of the challenges. Click on the heading to read more.

Cyber Threats and Solutions on How to reduce Them

Never invest in any scheme that is based on a metaphor, or anything with the word, “next”, in it (e.g., “this kid is the next Elvis Presley”, “this will be the Lake Lucerne of the Southwest”). You will lose your shirt.
Clifford Cohen

Disadvantages of Internet Use

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Many things are going on throughout the world with the help of internet connections or networks. There are many goodies that are attributed to the internet: people earn their money per day; able to make good research; able to earn money as prize, example through essay competitions; people make good friends; able to market their products and many others. But are there only good things about the internet?

Shun Drug Abuse 

Sometimes it sounds and appears stupid when people want to kill themselves by themselves. Such act is suicidal one. In this article, the author advises the world youth to abstain from abuse of drugs.

Drug Abuse among Nigerian Youths 

Why Nigerian youths abuse drugs? Why are they using their money to buy what end up killing them gradually? The abuse of drugs among Nigerian youths is becoming very high on daily basis. Many students in Nigerian universities are drug addicts. This article explains drug abuse among Nigerian youths with a textbook on it.

Acquire Skills as Youth 

Skill acquisition is one of the things I cannot stop teaching young people and the world through my writings. I have tasted and seen the importance and because of that decided to always teach that to my readers. Whether you are big or small, you need one or two skills for sustenance. This article will explain to you more on why youths need to acquire important skills. 

Taking Skill Learning while in School Serious

What have been keeping many young people today living are the skills they learned when they were still undergraduate students in the universities. Some of the skills are different from the students core area of study in their schools.
They picked interest in one skills or the other and learned something new. Today, some of the students are done with school and yet the skills they acquired when they were still students have been keeping them going.

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