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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Nigerian Youth Challenges

The youths who are citizens of Nigeria have faced a lot of hard times for a very long time. The hardship has made many see the country like a car that can never be repaired again. Many young men and women who are citizens of the country are hungry and angry.

"Nigerian Youth Challenges" is a powerful book written by the manager of this blog, Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P, and published in December 26 of the year 2018. The book is available in Amazon which is the biggest E-commerce company all over the world. It is available in both e-book and paper back format. The book is well written and edited by Kate O Efurhieme. Kate .O. Efurhieme is well experienced in the field of editing of educational books and she did her job well in "Nigerian Youth Challenges".

Nigerian Youth challenges (The First cover page for the E - book)

The contents of the book is as follow:

Chapter 1
Introduction to Youth Challenges in Nigeria
1.1 Youth Benefits
1.2 Nigerian Youths in Politics
Chapter 2
Youth Unemployment in Nigeria
2.1 How Unemployment has affected the Psychology of Nigerian Youths
2.2 Impact of Youth Unemployment on Nigeria economic Growth
2.3 Causes of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria
2.4 Effects of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria
2.5 Solutions to Youth Unemployment
2.6 Youth Empowering Organizations in Nigeria
Chapter 3
Drug abuse among Nigerian Youths
3.1 What is Drug Abuse?
3.2 Effects of Marijuana
3.3 Other adverse Effects of Drug Abuse in General
3.4 Solutions to Drug abuse among Nigerian Youths
3.5 Drug Abuse in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions
Chapter 4
Young Fraudsters in Nigeria (Yahoo or G Boys)
4.1 Confirmed Incidences of G Boys
4.2 Terms used by Yahoo boys
4.3 Tricks used by Young Nigerian Internet fraudsters
4.4 How to avoid being a G Guy (Young Fraudster)
4.5 Who are duped by Yahoo Boys?
4.6 Funny Things Yahoo Boys do
4.7 Characteristics of Internet Scammers in Nigeria
4.8 How Yahoo Boys have Influenced Nigerian Security Sector
4.9 Why Many Nigerian Youths are Fraudsters (Causes)
4.10 Why Nigerian Government is not serious with the fight against Internet Fraudsters
Cover photo for the paper back format

Chapter one is an over on the Nigerian youth challenges. This covers the challenges that the young men and women in the country face and also the problems the youths of the country cause to themselves and the country in general. Discussed are overview on youth unemployment, drug abuse, internet fraudsters, who a youth is, and the benefits of being a youth. It is an introduction to the book and it touches almost all the areas that make other chapters of the book.

Out of the 197,457,502 (approximately 197 million) total Nigeria population in 2018, 33,652,424 of them are youths. From the calculation, it shows that approximately 17% of Nigerian population are youths. According to National Youth Policy, youth in Nigeria includes citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria aged 18–35 years. The definition of a youth is dependent on location and the above is as related to Nigeria.

In chapter two, the discussion is on detailed understanding on youth unemployment in the country. Nigerian youths are hit hard by this challenge. Also, the menace has affected the psychology of the young race in the country. So many of them are ashamed to identify themselves as Nigerians because of the negative impact of the youth unemployment. Even those who travelled abroad find it difficult to associate with their fellow Nigerians because they believe there is nothing the country can offer them. Other areas covered by this chapter are how youth unemployment has affected the economic growth of Nigeria, causes, effects, and solutions to youth unemployment. In addition, youth empowerment organizations that are established in Nigeria and also outside of the country to help in solving the challenge are explained as well. The organizations includes Youth Empowerment Programs, Tony Elumelu Foundation, N-Power and the rest.

Both the range of drugs and drug markets are expanding and diversifying as never before. The findings of this year’s World Drug Report make clear that the international community needs to step up its responses to cope with these challenges. We are facing a potential supply-driven expansion of drug markets, with production of opium and manufacture of cocaine at the highest levels ever recorded. Markets for cocaine and methamphetamine are extending beyond their usual regions and, while drug trafficking online using the darknet continues to represent only a fraction of drug trafficking as a whole, it continues to grow rapidly, despite successes in shutting down popular trading  platforms” - Yury Fedotov (Executive Director, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). Drug or substance abuse among youths in Nigeria is on the increase. This has attracted the attention of the Federal government and she is working to see how far it can be corrected. In the chapter three of the book, the concentration is on the drug abuse among young people in the country.

Chapter four which is the final chapter of the book is on internet fraud by Nigerian youths. It is becoming a lifestyle in some communities in Nigeria. Yahoo boys who are also known as G boys have gone deep into scam and their victims have lost a lot of money through their actions. They are painting the image of Nigeria as a country black and it affects the country negatively in international scope.
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