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Monday, 17 December 2018

Shun Drug Abuse

It is embarrassing when a youth enters your room and what you smell is drugs that stick hard on his body. The odour is very offensive to the extent the owner of the room applies air freshener immediately the drug abuser leaves the room. Indian hemp is reducing a lot of youths to nothing.

The annoying thing is that some of these drug abusers and addicts are young. Some 18, 19 and 20 years. They are young and they are misbehaving, what happens when they get to the age of 28 to 30 years? They will at that point turn to drugs themselves.

Global, youths should shun substance abuse. Substance abuse is a bad thing and can kill gradually. Many may not notice the problems they are causing to themselves until they get to advanced ages. Then they will regret on how they messed their lives up when they were young.

Silent truth nobody may tell you concerning abuse of drugs 

Relationship/friendship effects
The author of this article having been and associated with youths and drug abusers for a long time had experience concerning the attitude of some ladies towards relationship and friendship with them. No lady with good moral upbringing will like to have anything serious with drug addicts and abusers. Some said that they cannot go into serious relationship with men in this category because of the risk involved.

Drug abusers on their own have complained tirelessly on how some ladies have rejected them when they were making advancement toward them for serious relationship. Some bitterly complained that some of the ladies they approached did not look at their faces. But of the truth, nothing happens in vain. There are reasons behind that.
Image source: Guardian
Image description: Drug abuse among youths 
Some said that drug addicts smell badly. And of the truth they smell. You will know better if you have been close to some young guys that abuse Indian hemp. Sometimes you feel like throwing up because of the odour of the plant that is thick on their body after smoking the weed. Many ladies are not comfortable with such odour.

Also, some relationships have died prematurely because of the kind of attitudes drug addicts display when they are high. They get angry easily when being annoyed by their girlfriends and the anger sometimes end in fight. Some beat their wives to the point of death because they were high in drugs and could not control themselves. Drug abuse and addict is bad and youths should shun it.

Divorce is common globally. It is not new any longer as it has become international topic of discussion. Some divorce have causes and one of them is the abuse of drugs. Some youths who married earlier to plan their families on time ended up in disagreement and divorce. A number of such divorce are traceable to the misbehaviour of some men after taking chemicals beyond the prescribed level. That is in the other words after abusing drugs.

Abuse can render ones life to mediocre

It is good for one to be conscious of his or her actions. The decision you make today can make you good or disorganized your entire life. Avoid doing things because others are doing it as a youth. Evaluate before taking any step into any risk or action.

Many people globally have liver failure and failure of other parts of their body because of the substance they abused sometime in the past. Some of them took excess of alcohol in the past and that has been causing them pains presently. It is better to stay clean from drugs than being dirty and regret it later. Shun drug and substance abuse of any kind youths all over the world.

This current generation of young people are in danger. Nobody can imagine what may be their state in about 50 years from now. Some will not be happy with themselves then because the drugs they consumed in excess will put them in the state of discomfort. If you are a youth and want to live happy life in future, shun drug abuse. Shun substance abuse of any kind.
Image source: Daily Times
Image description: A youth smoking marijuana 

Infertility is of increase in the current world. We know this infertility can be caused by many factors but among them is drugs. Some drugs have negative effectives on reproduction in both men and women. To avoid any that may be caused by drug and substance abuse, the youths are to avoid abuse of drugs and chemicals. World youths should shun drug abuse.

The Cleveland Clinic wrote something on the negative effect of alcohol abuse on reproduction of man. It stated "heavy alcohol drinking (more than 14 mixed drinks/week), however, may decrease the production of testosterone, increase the rate at which testosterone is cleared from the bloodstream, and increase a man’s estrogen levels. All of this can cause a lower testosterone level, which can harm sperm production".

Wrong signal
Drug abuse can send wrong signal of ones personality to people. Some people are seen as those that do not know what they are doing because they are into taking of excessive drugs. Their characters are questionable and people are always careful when relating with them.

Some drug abusers who are into business have lost good customers because of their questionable behaviours. Also, some who want to do businesses with them initially ended up withdrawing because they felt the business owner may have issues with trust because of their habit of taking hard drugs. The attitude of taking such drugs put a lot of question marks of the participants. Shun drug abuse world youths.

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