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Sunday, 20 January 2019

We are made to love one another

Love is powerful. Love is a beautiful thing to embrace and have as companion. No matter what you may believe or what your religious point of view teaches you, the truth remains that love is what you have to open your heart to. It is not dependent on age or a thing of maturity.
Image source: Marriage Memo; Description: We are made to love one another
Sometimes if you do not allow it to flow towards its direction, you may be putting yourself in chains. When you try to resist a true love, it appears as if you are in bondage. Until you allow it to have its place within you or towards the direction it points to, you become restless. If you want to have the peace you desire, allow that love to flow.

Have you find yourself in a situation where you were missing someone and you tried forcing or try to suppress the love you are having towards that person? If you have genuinely experienced such situation, what happens to you when try to resist? You see yourself going down. It continues until you finally go meet the person you were missing for some time. Do not try to fight the force that accompanies love because you may not win it. The force is a powerful natural force.

Open your heart to love and to be loved. It is nature that made it to be. As a youth whom this article is mainly written for, see love as a beautiful thing. We are made to be with one another. But in all, do it in a right way. If are missing someone, do not feel ashamed to call or visit that person if possible. You become relieved when you do this.
Image source: Gisele Haralson; Description: Love

Living in bondage is not a good thing and therefore do not put yourself in bondage because you want to fight the force of love. The force is usually the force of attraction and you will fail if you make attempt to fight it. Do not feel so proud because you do not want to be the first person to make move towards the person you love. Do not say "she is the person that suppose to come and visit me and not me".

And as a woman, do not say "he is the one that suppose to visit me and not me". Try anything possible to stop any form of ego that may be growing in you. Kill that ego for love to flow between you and the one you really desire to have genuinely. That you are richer than the other is not an avenue for you to raise shoulder. That you have more money than the other whom you are falling in love with is not an avenue for you to always expect him or her to be the one to come close. Swallow your ego. Forget about what you think you have and be humble. This will make you to answer the call of love and be at peace with your soul. You become relieved when you meet the person you have been missing irrespective of your qualifications.

Love encompasses a variety of strong and positive emotional and mental states, ranging from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure. Love can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection, as "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".

If you feel emotional towards someone, do not feel ashamed to the person you have such feeling towards. Do not in any way be beclouded by your former believe. Just be open. Many have lost the ones they loved to another man because of wrong orientation they had on love. If you love someone, gather courage and go tell him or her how much you love him or her. Do not be ashamed. Learn a new teaching today.
Image source: kuulpeeps.com; Description: Love among youths

On the contrary, many youths do not love one another. The society is becoming highly heated up because of the bad actions by the young men and women in our society. They are making the society unbearable and less secure by their ill actions. Many are so over ambitious to the extent that they do not take advice given to them by their parents any longer.

Performing rituals by killing of their fellow humans is not new in some countries. Example is in Nigeria. Some youths want to make money either by hook or by crook and hence find themselves in the state of absolute wickedness. They lost the sense of love which they suppose to show to one another. Some lives have been cut short because of lack of love among young men and women all over the world.

We are to show love to one another. We have to embrace love. Love is a beautiful thing and it's beauty cannot be over emphasized. If you love a particular individual, do not feel ashamed to voice it out. Show someone love within your capacity.

If a fellow is lacking a particular thing and you know you can contribute your little effort to make the situation better, just go on. Your action which portrays love can put smile on the receivers face for a long time. Put smile in someone's face. We are made to love one another.

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