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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Do not dwell in the Success of Yesterday

Your success of yesterday can be a hindrance to you in achieving better tomorrow. You have not really arrived to your final destination. You cannot live in your yesterday all through. There are still some basic things to do to create more "successes"

You have to sow new seeds 

It is true that the seeds you sowed sometime ago have started bringing fruits. They produce fruits that are good and healthy to you. The fruits give you financial positive results and you are happy about that. It is a good achievement. The success you made is a good one.

But, that is not enough. You cannot keep living with the old fruits. You need to sow new seeds that will give you newer fruits.

When you have new seeds and add them to the seeds you were having before, you will be more successful. Being more successful will make you go higher. It will give you room to create more wealth for yourself and your generation. Your name will be heard the more.

It is not yet over

Diversification is a good thing that every youth have to think about and take part in. You relaxing on your old success can put you into trouble. It can make you to be imbalance if care is not taken. So, ensure that you diversify when you experience success. Do not relax so much.

Something can come up tomorrow. You may experience a breakdown in that your initial success that you have all your hope in. It is not yet over no matter what happens. Do more and be innovative.

You may grow cold

When you dwell on your success of yesterday so much, you begin to lose skills on what made you who you are. You have to fan your skills into flame. Do more of what have been giving you money for some time. Doing this will train you to become an expert in that your area of concentration.

It is better to continuously warm up than growing cold totally. Warming up will keep you fit always. It will make you to keep to the necessary standard needed for more greatness. Do not grow cold by dwelling on your old success. It will not help rather it will kill you from becoming better and greater.

Have you seen a firewood that the flame was quenched with water? Before this kind of firewood can be ignited again, it will take much time. First will be drying up of the firewood for the water to go before using it to cook again. That's how it is when anyone allows his or her skills to wax cold because of the success of yesterday. You have to be a gallant soldier. Even when it seems your morale is low, try find something to up it in order not to grow cold. You can watch short motivational videos or books. Keep on being hot.

Learn from successful authors

Many successful authors have written many books. Many successful authors have also written many articles that appear on publications of many media companies. Why do they do that? They do so because they want to gain more popularity and make more money. They want the world readers to see them. They want their names to always sing to the eyes of many people so that they will believe in the authors books and write-ups.
Image title: Learn from Successful authors; Image source: Uzochukwu Mike's Books
A particular successful author can write over 50 books in his lifetime. It is not as if those books he wrote before having over 50 were not selling. His first fifteen books can be selling well and giving him good profits that are more than enough to take care of his expenses. But he never relaxed. He never saw that success as enough.
When you leave writing, it leaves you. If you forget about writing, writing on its own leaves you. That is why many authors keep writing. They do not want to loose their writing skills. They do not want to grow cold.

The more you write, the more ideas flow and the more you discover newer things in the world of writing. When you do not rely in your success of yesterday, you create greater success and with time it becomes a habit. Explosion of greater success can be attained when you work on yourself always to become better in that area of your specialization.

Impart in other Peoples lives

Many people are waiting for you to impart in them. They want to see your manifestation. They want to feel your success inside of them. That is one of the reasons why you will never dwell strongly in your success of yesterday. Let more people feel your success inside of them. Let them know that you are existing.
Image title: Impart in people; Image source: Uzochukwu Mike's Books

How will they know that you are existing? You can do this by creating more wealth where people can benefit. What medium can they benefit from your wealth? There are many ways this can be achieved.

One can be by employing the jobless. There are many outside there that you can impart in when you do not dwell in your old success. When you employ more people in your small and medium enterprises because you do more after your first success, you put smiles on the faces of people because you do not want to dwell on your success of yesterday. Create more wealth and opportunities for people.

You cannot give what you do not have. You cannot stretch yourself beyond your limit. If you do so, you will break down. So, creating more wealth will create more positive imparts in people. You can be a philanthropist. Philanthropists are of many categories. There are those who make less impact and there are those that make bigger impact. So create more wealth to impart strongly in people and communities.

There are many bad roads in your community. You can decide to do some when your success expands because you do not dwell on your success of yesterday. Be creative and refuse to dwell in your success of yesterday world youths. Always work for outstanding results.

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