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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Look at the Future Glory as a Youth

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During my undergraduate days in the university, I faced many challenges. These challenges include both financial and social challenges. Sometimes, I began to think far when I had no money at hand to take care of my expenses as a student. These thoughts sometimes landed me into severe headache. Whenever I recover, I kept moving. But in the course of those disturbances I was giving myself through thinking, I never gave up. I always beat my chest and said to myself, "Uzor you will make it because God is not dead". He is living and He sees all the challenges you are passing through. That kept me going.

Also, one of the factors that also encouraged me in the midst of the challenges which I was passing through was the future glory. I believed that the future glory will be greater than the former. That was the internal fuel that keep me moving. Because I knew the future glory would be brighter, I began to look for legitimate ways to address the financial challenge I was passing through as of then.

It led me into starting of a small business of selling packed water to my fellow students in the same hostel with me. It did not end there because I began to explore other online legitimate ways through which I could add small cash into my pocket. And today, I made it as a graduate.

Let the glory ahead move you as a youth. Because you truly understand your bright future, that is why you need to develop yourself as far as you can go. Do not be a stagnant water. The reason is because stagnant water does not flow and this can get it corrupted at any moment.

I want you to be a river which flows from time to time. It is mobile and understands the beauty of dynamism which makes it fresh all the time. You have not learnt enough in that your skill. Keep developing yourself. Develop yourself in those skills and also learn others which you know that can also make your future glory more pronounced. You stand at the end to be happy with yourself as a youth. Do not make the mistake of using your present situation to judge your future. What you need is to be active in those things you are doing and I bet you your future achievements will be great.


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