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Monday, 19 December 2016

Importance of Youth Empowerment

Importance of youth empowerment

When I was still a kid, I did not fully understand the level of hard times many youths are passing through. Then, when I saw young men and women grooving in their clean cars, I felt happy and thought it was easy for them before they established such achievement. As I was growing, I began to found out the reality about the life you and I are living.

Some press companies all over the globe through their publications on poor youth empowerment have been lamenting on its bad side, which youth unemployment is not an exception. The media is doing the much it could but yet, the problem persists though some impacts have been made.

This is evident through the publication of News 24 South Africa some time ago. The rise in youth unemployment has the danger of increasing crime as young people are idle a lot of the time.

Many jobless youth seem to have given up in life (Javed Malik 2016). According to Malik, who is a journalist in News 24, Johannesburg, the condition of the youths in the country is pitiable because the challenge will keep pushing them into criminal activities to make their money and excel in life. In June 2016, youth unemployment in the South Africa was put at 53.70 percent, which makes the country most affected by the menace in the year.

As Malik pointed out one of the consequence of youth employment which is increase in crime, there are other bad fruits that can follow it. But, this topic is mainly on the importance of youth empowerment which can go a long way to reduce the unemployment status of many young people in countries of the world.

Empowering youth is defined in this study as “creating and supporting the enabling conditions under which young people can act on their own behalf, and on their own terms, rather than the direction of others (Commonwealth Secretariat, 2007). The importance of youth empowerment are but not limited to:
  • Crime reduction;
  • Creation of brighter future;
  • Income diversification; and 
  • National development
The rate of crime in societies varies when compared to others. One of the reasons for this is because the youths are not empowered. But if the youths are empowered through training to learn what will make them live comfortably, the rate of crime will be on the lower side.

An empowered youth stands to live better. That is to say that the empowered young man or woman have promising future than those that do not have anything to offer. Lets take for instance that there are two young people planning to start foundation of their houses in the next two years.

One has skills that gives him money and the other has nothing doing and is not ready to get empowered. Who among the two do you think can make the dream comes through? Of the truth is that the one with skill will easily succeed in his plan because he has already been empowered by having the skill that will make him excel.

Income diversification is another importance of youth empowerment. When youth attend some schemes that are structured to make them gain the necessarily information and knowledge for excellence in life, they can diversify the channels through which they earn money. With the diverse knowledge, they will make it in life and make more money through what they do.

When people who live in a society are developed, the society they find themselves in becomes developed as well. In fact, the people is the country. So, if the youth of the country are empowered and are progressing, the country will stand to develop as well.

Lets take for instance the a nation is made up of over 30 percent of youths who are good in technology, with their skills, they can change the face of the nation technologically. They can also manufacture those that will be exported to other countries as well and thus increasing the revenue of the country.  

The world would have been a better place for all of us if the youths were empowered. Youth empowerment is a combined effort for all irrespective of the place of origin. These men and women are growing and if they are equipped with the right tool for societal development, they will do greater works today and in time to come. 

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Importance of Youth Empowerment

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