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Friday, 23 December 2016

How can the Youths be Empowered

Youth participating in 4-H, a youth empowerment organization primarily in the United States

The question: “how can the youths be empowered is very important for more understanding of the term “youth empowerment”. The empowerment of the youths is diverse and part of the ways through which the empowerment of both young men and women in the society can be carried out are:

  • Establishment of Schemes: This will go a long way to encourage group of young people. Both the government and private individuals need to put hands together and have this worked out at the end. Empowering women and girls and achieving gender equality are crucial to creating inclusive, open and prosperous societies.  Gender inequalities, however, persist in many countries so it is important that we find new ways of addressing this issue-British Council. Companies who are experts in impacting good skills can be invited to train the young through these schemes.
  • Access to Education: It is the duty of the government to ensure that the people they rule has access to education and the facilities at the cheaper cost. Declaring free education at all levels of education by the government will go a long well to empower the youths effectively. Also, let’s not leave everything to government as individuals who are well to do can assist as well.
  • Personal development: To get rich is personal as to make better grade during study is personal as well. As a youth, you stand the chance to develop yourself to the level you want. It will go a long way in adding important values to your personality. You can develop yourself on how to drive, write, phones repair or others. No amount of knowledge is too much.
  • Breaking the Barrier of Gender Inequality: In some societies, women are not equalled to men and hence neglected. The negligence of female gender is more pronounced in African continent. But, it is still found in Europe. Putting the young men and women on the same page with the men will make the young women empowered. The empowerment of the women in the society is very essential. 

In conclusion, another way through which the youths can be empowered is by reading books that can motivate them and give them insight on how to make it in life. The book below is a good material of such example which the author of this article wrote. 

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