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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Save before Spending

Life is not fair in some cases. We make effort to strike balance in everyday journey in this life. In as much as any sensible youth is still living, he makes one or two plans on how his tomorrow will favour him more than his today. Every
youth like to live a better life.
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But irrespective of these our plans to live better lives, we still spend lot of money on daily basis. Sometimes these money are never enough. When we make transfers from our accounts to others where we pay for exchange of value we do not feel too good. The reason is because we see the money in our bank accounts gradually going down. We begin to consider whether the balance we have in our accounts can keep us going at all.

One thing is sure. Do you know what that thing is? As far as you are living, you must spend money on one or two things or daily basis. So see those small and big expenses as what someone who is living must do. Do not see it as something that is induced.

On the other hand, wise spending is basic. As a young man or woman, you do not spend stupidly. You should not spend without adequate calculation on where to spend and where not to spend. Get wisdom because it is profitable to direct.

Image description: Save no matter how small it may be 
Save first before spending. That will make you live that better life you have been dreaming of. Irrespective of how big that which has been demanding your financial attention is, just save that amount you concluded within you that you want to be saving every month before spending.

If you think that you will save after spending, you are getting everything wrong. You cannot save if you adopt that approach. Or you may end up saving lesser than what you planned to be saving initially.

Open a different account or insurance policy 
There are ways through which a youth can save money on his own. When I was younger, I and my brothers use to save our money in boxes made by carpenters. The boxes are made with opening on top through which we put the paper money we intend saving. This approach was helpful then. At the end of the savings, we broke the boxes and used the money we saved to achieve our intentions for the initiation of the savings.

But in the recent time there are safer means of saving ones money. If you want to save some part of the money you are paid from the work you do, you can open a different savings account you do not have withdrawal booklet or debit card to or open an insurance/investment policy. These two savings systems can help anyone save and achieve any plan he or she has.

When you open a different savings account different from the one you use in your everyday business transactions, you can save with it. Because you do not have debit card to the account, you can save for the time frame you want. Also, it will be preferable if the bank that you want to use for saving is far from you. This will prevent you from going to touch the money even when in need of money to be used to do anything.

Insurance is divided into two broad groups. The broad categories are general businesses and investment. Investment is the one that people use to save for a particular period of time without touching the money they saved in a particular period of time. The advantage of investment insurance policies is that it helps people to save until they meet up with the savings they want to attain.

Insurance policies used to save are quite different from bank savings accounts where one can walk up to one day and empty what he or she has saved for some time. In insurance, you have to wait until the time for the maturity of the plan is complete before you can have access to the money. If you insist on collecting the money before the maturity time, you may get charged of the money you have saved so far. The discipline the policy instills in the holders makes it unique. It does not allow you scatter your initial saving plan because of one or two challenges.
Image source: Turtlemint ; Description: Buying Life Insurance Policy helps grow your money.

In Nigeria for instance, examples of companies where people can pick insurance policies are FBN Insurance Company and Leadway Insurance. In FBN Insurance, the company has one, five and six years savings plans. So you make your choice on how you want to save. If you want a short term saving, you go for the company's one year plan. But if you want something longer, you go in for the five or six years plan. They are designed in ways to meet different financial budgets.

You save to prepare 
When a youth saves, he prepares for the work ahead. It makes him get himself ready for the greater works that are ahead. Any youth that does not save and yet is paid on monthly basis as salary is afraid of tomorrow. He does not have bearing. He finds it difficult to detect the direction he is going to at any point in time.

Take for example that when you enter into someone's room, you see good television, mattress, fans, laptop computer, furniture and you like them. To you, you want to have all these things in your own apartment and yet you don't save from the money you are paid every month. The truth is that there is no way you can have those items because you do not save. Savings culture is not in you. But if you save, you are preparing yourself to have those properties one day.

Some other things include saving for you future marriage, business, building or house rent. Saving prepares you in a good way. It makes you not to be taken unaware. It is a culture ever young person should not play with.

Savings makes one happy and strong 
Sometimes in the life of a man that do not have some money he has saved someone, he does not feel happy. The reason is because to him he has no financial backup. He appears weak financially. And nobody will be happy to be in such state. Such status does not speak good of someone.

On the contrary, when you have money you are saving somewhere, you are strengthened. Even when you have spent all in your accessible accounts, you do not feel too bad because you know within you that you still have money but the only thing is that you could not access the money at that point in time. It is money made for a particular project. Saving makes youths happy and strong. All have to save. How much can you boast you have saved for future as a person?

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