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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Everyday is an Opportunity to be Better

Yes it is not yet over. You can be a better version of yourself. You can be in that state you want to find yourself in this new day you find yourself. Your hands can touch some things that will inspire you to be in a better form.

Irrespective of how yesterday was, do not allow it to paint your today black. Do not allow it to give you impression that you cannot do better today. Refuse that negative thought that may come from anywhere. You are living so you can still make a good difference.

Open your minds to receive inspiration. There are some inspirations that are deposited into someone's mind at the point of tiredness. They come with great ideas. You design how to use these ideas to get the positive results you want.

Do not give up in your dreams
How many times have you tried? How many approaches have you made? How long have you been trying to apply one formulae or the other to know if some things may work out?

No matter the number of times, there is still hope. Pick up your pieces and move on. Do not dwell in your yesterday. Yesterday has passed so your concentration should be on what to make out from your today.

You can not give up today. Giving up makes you weak. It makes you powerless. So prove that hard times wrong by keeping that your dream alive. It took some persons years before they find themselves in the fruit they are reaping today.
So, do not feel that you have done so much in pursuit of those your dreams and because of that you have every reason to give up. It is a wrong philosophy. Work until you make great difference and shine for the world or people around you to feel your presence.

America was not built in a day
There were people that sacrificed their time. There were those that sacrificed their energy. And there were those that went to the extent of sacrificing their blood. They did all these all because they want United States of America to be great.

Today, United States of America is the centre of attraction to people from different parts of the world. The Asians and Africans continuously apply for Visa all because they want to find themselves there. They believe life in United States will be beautiful. Some see the country as a second heaven.

That is how it is going to be when any youth see everyday as an opportunity to be better. If he works in that line and put all the necessary efforts, there will be a point when he or she becomes happy. He sees his life filled with good things, good achievements, and a fulfilled life. That is why world youths should not give up no matter what happens.

Think positive 
Have you ever imagined seeing yourself in a top position which results from what you have been working for years? Just dream it good and you will be motivated to do better in every new day. It is a strong avenue to keep you moving every new day.

What you believe and work towards can give you the result you want to attain. Always think positive. Believe that nothing on earth can stop you from getting the result you want to have. Refuse any form of negative report. Think positive every new day and the results are very close to you.

Free your mind
Do not be too serious about a particular thing. Even if it seems nothing is working out as planned all this while, there will be room for better results one day. Always keep your head up every new day and be hopeful. Live a hope filled life with adequate work.

Do not put your mind in chains by being envious of others. That others are succeeding does not mean you are failing. You are succeeding in your own little way and time will come when you will attain that higher success you want to see yourself. It is about time and that is why you have to see everyday as an opportunity to be better.

Do not believe any negative report about yourself 
What matters most is not what others say you are but about what you see yourself as. Some people may see you as a local champion but you are seeing yourself as an international figure. You may be in the same office with your colleagues and they see you as a common person but you know within you that you are touching lives internationally.

So, boost your energy and be strong always. You have to always report something good about your person. Do not allow the opinion of others to swallow yours. Do not allow their negative ideologies about your personality overshadow yours. You know who you are. You should not nurse their negative report into your mind.

Tomorrow is an opportunity for you to be better so do not allow their negative believe affect your tomorrow. Think positive, be focused and ignore their negative report about you. You have to move on with the journey of making yourself better everyday.

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