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Monday, 19 November 2018

You Current Position is Someone's Future Expectation

Photo description: Be contented with what you have currently. 
It is true. You complain of poor power supply in the community you are living, and someone somewhere is begging to get daily bread and live. You want to drive car and someone is

praying to be able to walk with his legs again after a survived accident. You feel bitter that you live in a bedsitter room when your mates are in three bedroom flat, and some is working heard to get that your bedsitter room. The instances are all real life situations.

Be happy for where you are today while you aim for higher position as you make effort. Do not envy others. Do not show sign of ingratitude to your Maker because you feel others are doing better than you. Show gratitude for what you have today. Be happy and do not compare yourself with others. Do not allow the success of another person cause you headache.

Many youths have taken self comparison as part of their everyday life. This attitude has one way or the other through which it hurts the person that lives this kind of life. It is not a healthy way of living if you want to be happy. You have to shutdown any form of comparison you make with someone you think is doing better than you. What is the source of the money?

That is an important question that you have to ask yourself when you are deeply and grudgingly comparing yourself with others. We know that there are many who made their money in genuine ways. But in the same way, there are others that made theirs in dubious ways.

Some are big time scammers. Can you do what they did to acquire such kind of wealth they possess today? Some play dirty tricks just to acquire wealth that they will die someday and leave them. Some are coded ritualists unknown to you.

Just be grateful of what you have today. Appreciate your God for bringing you to the level you are today. Someone wants to get to that your current standard. They will be very grateful to make it to that your level but see you where you are killing yourself in bitterness because you don't have this or that yet. It is not healthy for you to behave that way.

Try everything possible to have quality self management and control that will make you not to do things that are not right because you want to meet up. You want to belong to the happening guys in town. You can still be a happening guy on your own even without joining them. Joining them may make you do things that you may end up regretting in future. Let one who is wise be contented with what he has while making effort to succeed more in life.

As stated before, quality self management is fundamental. You need it to see life in a different dimension from how over ambitious and greedy people in the society see it. In Africa, some youths are over ambitious and that is why they can even kill their fellow humans because they want to make money. So many ritual killings have been taking place in the continent just because  they want to possess huge amount of money and be called big names.

In Nigeria, the rate at which young people kill just because they want to make money quick is becoming something else. This is evidence in news report published by Pulse news. The incident which occurred in December 2015 was the killing of a young lady by ritualists because they want to make money.

Quoting from the publication of Pulse news, "The quest for quick money and riches by many Nigerian youths have reached a high crescendo with the desperate means they go about it, ranging from stealing, robbery and killing of fellow humans to make money. According to eyewitnesses, the lady must have been dumped by the roadside by the people who murdered her and it was apparent it was for ritual purposes because vital parts of her body like the breasts, private part, tongue and other parts were missing". This incidence happened on December 23, 2015.

One thing is for sure, so far you work hard and smart, you will get to the height you want to attain. Be happy with the level you are and work hard and diligently. If you apply the right formula needed, you will get to the level you want to get. Avoid envy and bitterness. Just work and think far on how to strike balance in life. Put those thoughts into actions and you will find yourself where you want to be in future.

But something is obvious, "You Current Position is Someone's Future Expectation". You will get there but do not do stupid and dirty things just because you want to acquire wealth by all means. More power as you move.

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