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Friday, 30 November 2018

It may be Tough but You can do it

Photo description: The start may be tough; source: Bright drops 
You can do it. I mean it. You can. If men can create ideas that have kept the world going for a long time, you can still create your own ideas.
Those your ideas can go far. Do not underestimate the power of great ideas. They can go a long way.

If an author can write over ninety five books at the age of about 60 years, what about me? Am I drained of ideas that can sale globally in many market places? No am not. It is about setting the target and back it up with actions and passion. "It is a doing thing."

The good thing about writing is that you teach people things which they do not know before. You impart unique and great ideas into them. Ideas published in form of books can sell till the coming of Jesus Christ. It is not a magic at all. It can be a great source of income to the every writer. At the comfort of your home, your works keep selling to people all over the world.

There are ideas everywhere. There are talents everywhere. You can discover yours. What can you do? What do you have passion for? There must be something you are good at.

The beginning may not be easy. It can be a tough journey job but no matter how tough it may be, you can break through. Breakthrough is possible if you do what you suppose to do. Think about it. Inspiration can shine upon you. The work you are reading right now is a product of inspiration. It can fall upon you and you get inspired.

You may have ideas on the repair of electronic products. You can think deep down inside of you on how to maximize this skill of yours. Create a sketch of what you want to turn this your skill into. You can turn it into channel through which you can make money from.

It may not be easy at the beginning but you can get there. First, you can picture yourself in a technical shop where you repair electronic appliances for people. You repair and at the end get paid for your service. There are great computer repair specialists I know that did not go for training for a very long time. They got the ideas, made further research, go for a little training and later established themselves to be great persons in their society today.

As an electronic expert, the specialist may begin to develop himself to build bigger workshop that will consist of other persons who learn and also repair. With time, the established workshop can become a centre of attraction to many people.

That is how to grow in life. Initially it may be tough but in the long run things will be better. Never use the little challenges of today to loose your future crown. The crown is made to be worn by the tough.

You can do it. What can you see? Can you picture anything great in yourself? If you can picture it, consider it done when you do things you are to do to get there. Build yourself today to become a great fellow tomorrow. Greatness is attainable when you know what you want to get at the end.
Picture description: You can achieve it once you dream it; Source: Brainy Quote
If you can dream it and you are faithful to yourself, consider it done. You can set that standard because people that have done great things in the past do not have two heads. They developed themselves and were faithful to what they wanted to achieve. You can make things happen in your own way.

There are some factors you have to consider if you want to get to your destination. There are some other things you have to overcome to make it happen. There are things you have to cut off.  You have to be in a particular frame of mind to meet any target you want to meet.

Someone who wants to pass his examinations have to avoid some things. Such person do not open his eyes to watch programs or videos during examination. Because the examinations are big deals, he has to treat them as big deals. There should be no room for flirting around.

In the same line, when you want to achieve a particular target in life as a man or woman, you have to be happy. Be free from anything that will make you sad. If you have an annoying girlfriend, you can let her be just for you to be in the right frame of mind. Let nobody at all distract you. Let nobody spoil your mood in any way. You know what you want to achieve. So, get it done first. Just know that the beautiful ones are not yet born. Be in your best state to have a standard work at the end.

There are some pleasures that are not needed at a particular point in time. The reason is because you may not be able to meet up if you continue to swim in such pleasures. Set your mind to things that will benefit you in the long run. It may be tough but you can do it. Stay focused dear youths. Stay focused the young. It may be tough but you can do it if you play your role well. 

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