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Friday, 30 November 2018

It may be Tough but You can do it

Photo description: The start may be tough; source: Bright drops 
You can do it. I mean it. You can. If men can create ideas that have kept the world going for a long time, you can still create your own ideas.

Monday, 19 November 2018

You Current Position is Someone's Future Expectation

Photo description: Be contented with what you have currently. 
It is true. You complain of poor power supply in the community you are living, and someone somewhere is begging to get daily bread and live. You want to drive car and someone is

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Creativity is what you do

Image description: creativity; Source: DIY Genius 

To be creative is an action. It is not just what you dream about. So many creative ideas have died with their generators because they did not put them into work. Yes, it is a "doing thing". You have to make it work. It is your responsibility.

I don't know how creative you think you are? The author