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Friday, 26 October 2018

They may call you bad Names as a Youth because you fight for your Own

Description: Be wise
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That one, he is very stingy. Do you know how many times I asked him for money and he ended up giving me small out of the amount I asked for. He does not even eat good food. He even manage to buy the television he is using currently. He only gives his people. He is just stingy.

Listen dear youth, it did not start today. Such gossip and 'empty lashing' have been in existence for long time. So, do not be moved. Focus your attention to where you are going to and your plans.

If they said you are stingy, you know yourself and understand what you are passing through or planning to do. As a matter of fact, those same people that called you some bad names or gave you ugly nicknames will come to you when you finally succeed for favour and advice.
Image description: They may call you bad names 
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What should be more important to you is how to build yourself today to be better youth tomorrow. It is not just all about today but how you make yourself happier tomorrow. Do not expect to hear something positive from everybody you meet in your life.

Some may say that you are stingy so that you give them large percentage of your earnings. As a wise youth, refuse to be deceived or played by them. Apply wisdom in your dealings and do them properly. When the person that thought you may be fooled by what he said found out you are wiser than him, he has no order choice than to adjust.
Image description: Success should be your target
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In Nigeria environment, sometimes you observe some elderly ones in different communities trying to take advantage of the younger ones whom mainly their fathers are no longer living. As an intelligent youth, you do not need to look at their faces. Pretend as if you are not seeing them and get what belongs to you. Let them call you wild person but  get what belongs to you. Some derive joy in intimidating the youths because they feel they can take advantage of their small age. What is your own is your own.

A man that have goals to accomplish sometimes loss some friends. You cannot keep everyone as your friend. Any that does not want to understand and walk with you can go for you to continue to excel. Sometimes, it is better to loss certain friends than to crumble some important projects.
Image description: Ignore any abusive name they call you 
Image source: Uzochukwu Mike

So, let them call you names and at the end get to your final destination. Your final destination will describe your plans. So, do not give ears to everything people say or call you. Get yourself fixed and forget about their weak sayings. Be wise and get things done your way and do them properly.

Educate yourself on how to handle some things. When someone called you names to make you angry, you do not necessarily need to react immediately. Sometimes you need to relax first before taking any step. If you know that you may react vigorously, just take a step out. If she called you stupid man, it does not necessarily mean that you are a stupid person. You can lie low at the moment and approach him or her later. You know what and who you are so throw away any negative names that people called you. One of the ways to prove them wrong is by your achievements.

It is someone that wears a particular shoe that knows where it pains him or her. The other do not know unless you decide to tell them. You have designed your life in a particular way because you are heading to somewhere. So, do not allow anyone that does not know anything about your destination spoil your mind. Move on with your journey and make it great.

You do not have to live another man's life because you were called names. You are the best version of yourself. So, do not do what is more than you because you were called bad names.

If they called you bad names and later they found out that you are succeeding even in that your state, they will shut up. They will begin to ask themselves questions. So, just stay cool and be at your peak of succeeding in life. Build yourself and leave the rotten behaviour of people that want to take advantage of you.

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