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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Don't Compare

Men... Dickson came around yesterday. If you see his ride eeh. Brand new TEAR RUBBER TOYOTA car. Guy, if you see this ride, you will close your eyes because the spark from the body of the car can make someone blind.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Failure isn’t the worst possible result; not trying is

The above topic is a great one. It is a title that every youth that is facing one or two challenges need to contemplate and dig deep in. That statement was made by someone that understands some things about life and the challenges it may pose sometimes.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Introduction and Applications

A book that explains metallurgical and materials engineering. It also explains the applications of the branch of engineering and the impact it makes in the society.

In some universities and tertiary institutions that study engineering courses, this department is referred to as just Metallurgical engineering while some call it Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. But in all, they are still referring to almost the same area of engineering.
So, it is not wrong if you change this topic to the “Applications and Roles of Metallurgical Engineering”. This is one of the newest

Keep on Keeping on Dear Youths

Yes... Keep on keeping on. Do not put off the attitude of keeping on. Do not switch it off. Switching it off will make you find yourself in a state you may not like.

For this reason, you

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Greatness is not a product of Convenience

Image source: Apple company

Have you ever worked and at a point you began to feel headache? Have any project made you force yourself not to sleep even when your body system was seriously demanding it? Have you been into a particular project and you were hungry but you refused to eat because you wanted to get to a particular level before you could eat?