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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Do not allow the Fire die

Sometimes in life, we feel depressed and discouraged in one or two projects we are working on. Also, we may feel bad when the result we have been expecting is not coming forth. It even appears as if nature hates you totally.

This is not meant to just encourage you but am putting it up on the internet because I want to encourage myself as well. Since the year 2016, I have been working on a book that needs proper research and facts. Also, the book involves proper brainstorming ability. It is an unfinished powerful book. As you are reading through this write-up, I am still on the book project.

Sometimes when I want to pick up my pen, paper, and my laptop to write, I feel tired. I got discouraged. In fact, I lack some words to explain how I feel in continuing with the work recently.

The fire is really going down. But, will I gain anything if I allow the fire to die off entirely? I will not gain anything, instead, I will lose what I have been building for over eighteen months from now.

I do not know the nature of the challenge or discouragement you are passing through right now. Your experience may entirely be different from mine, but, what am saying is that you should not allow the fire die. Do not let the fire be extinguished. Do not let it go off. I know you can do something to keep the fire burning.

Keeping the fire burning 

In your own quiet time, ask yourself those things you were doing before that made the fire to burn strongly. That will give you some ideas to go back to the drawing board. It will direct you and at the same time reassures you that the fire can be rekindled once again.

 Pray to your God for a sense of direction and active participation in all your engagements. Sometimes, some weaknesses do not require only physical solutions. A spiritual approach to some discouragements has proven very fruitful.

Fill your shelves with some motivational books. Iron sharpens iron. You need some tools to get yourself motivated. You need to stand on the shoulder of giants in some occasions before you can see far. Let there be good motivational books or videos that can help activate the fire which may be going down within you. DO NOT ALLOW THE FIRE DIE.

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