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Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike Peter has written some interesting and academic books in the area of youths and empowerment. These books are backed up with proper research facts. You can buy any of them from Amazon.
Basic Information in Youths and Youth Empowerment 
Basic information in youth and youth empowerment is a standard academic and learning book written by the owner of this blog. The author whom have sold many of his written books through Amazon explained things concerning youths in the book. It is a book of over four hundred pages that involves intensive research.

The areas covered by this book are definitions of a youth, youth empowering organizations by continent, how to become a successful youth. The roles of youths in national development. There are many other areas covered in the book. In the definition of a youth, the area covers both the academic, regional and religious definition of a youth. You can read more by getting the book from Amazon. Click here for more.

Guide to Youth Challenges 

Young men and women all over the world are faced with many challenges. This book analyses these challenges and the possible solutions. It is a book that is structured to help the youths overcome any form of challenges they are passing through in life. 

It covers solutions to financial problems that the young people are faced with. Also, some youths are having difficulty when it comes to relationship affair. This book which is a guide helps provide lasting solutions to the problems. Click here to read more.

Tips for becoming a successful Youth 

Every youth that reasons well in life wants to be successful. Because of this, there are some tips that are needed for excellence. In this book, explained are the ideas to be successful as a youth.
Tips for becoming a successful youth is a book with six chapters. The chapters are as follows:
General Overview on Tips for Becoming Successful Youth
Understanding God’s Factor
Be Dynamic in Your Operations
 Hard Working
Be Happy and Wish Yourself Good
Persevere in Hard Times

Click here to read more

Importance of Youth Empowerment 

Going to school to acquire acknowledge is on its own empowerment. But sponsoring some young men and women in any particular society to attend schools will also increase the number of youths that attend schools in that particular location. Also, teaching youths basic skills for sustenance in life can be of good help to them. These activities as called "empowerment". 

Youth empowerment is important in every society that wants growth and development. It is important because any youth that is empowered is always busy doing legal work rather than become a threat to his society when he is not empowered. "Importance of Youth Empowerment" by Uzochukwu Mike P is a unique book that addresses a particular area of interest concerning the youths. Click here to read more.  

Overview and roles of Youths in National Development 

What role do you think youths play in your society? Do they really help in the development of the community you belong to? These are common questions students are sometimes asked in schools. 

They youths sincerely help in national development. Nations that want to keep ascending and developing invest much in their youths. This book will teach you more. Click here to read more.  

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