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Thursday, 25 April 2019

It is not all about Today but Torrow

Do you think that everything has ended? Do you think you can never make it again? Are you completely down and feel that you will not make it again?
Do you feel that all your mates have gone far and you are left behind? Maybe you are not happy because you feel everything is over due to your current status.
Description: It is not all about today but tomorrow; Image source: Zig Ziglar 
Listen, thinking about the situation and bothering yourself will not solve anything. So relax your nerves. The moment you realize that it is not all about today but tomorrow holds something better in as much you do what you are expected to do today, you end up enjoying better life tomorrow. Apply wisdom and draw your plan well and you will see better results tomorrow.

Have you seen a young man serving his master in the master's business shop? He wakes up early in the morning and rush to the master's shop. He cleans everywhere, brings out the goods and arrange everything well. He sees the business as his own personal business .His boss can leave the business for him completely and travels out of the city for business meeting and yet the young man that serves him makes sure everything is okay not minding the master is not around.

Some of these boys stay up to seven years managing the master's business and at the same time learning important skills for excellent performance so that they will be able to manage their own businesses when they are settled. Some at the age of 28 to 30 years still serve their bosses. Some of their age mates have already started making money at this age but yet the guys still remain under their masters. The good thing is that after they finished serving their bosses and they are settled, they make much more money than some of those their mates that have been working when they were still serving.

That is to say that it is not always about today. You are hopeful of something great tomorrow if you draw your plans properly today. Do not loose focus of your plans because of small enjoyment of today. Have a clear definition of where you are driving to. You will smile and be happy when you get to that destination that have been giving you tough time yesterday.

Brush up your Skills
It is not always about the level of education you attended. It is not always about the number of excellent distinctions you got when you were in the university. Though that is good but it is not always about that. There are still more important things you have to know and do to make your tomorrow good and great.

What can you do? How applicable is the skill you possess? Do you think such skill will take you to the position you want to be tomorrow? These should be what you think of for better tomorrow. Let it not be all about today. Think about your future glory when you continuously brush up that your skills.

Brushing up that your skill will always put smiles on your face whenever you imagine how you tomorrow will be better because you continue working on your skills. So many imaginations have turn to reality in our world of today. You see those imaginations that finally became real even as you are reading this. Someone imagined a situation whereby people can source for important information from the comfort of their home or school without going far to get it. And it became real. That is why you are able to read this information irrespective of the location you are right.

The Wright Brothers sometime ago imagine producing vehicle that can fly on the air. Are those vehicles not real today? Today, there are many kinds of aircraft but it all started with imagination. Brush up your skills and imagine how it will make you better tomorrow. Work towards it and you will see it is possible.

Be Innovative
Innovation in its modern meaning is a "new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method". Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Great minds are innovative. People that are ready to learn new ideas from innovators can end up being innovative at the end. Everyone that want to be better tomorrow have to cultivate the culture of being innovative. 

How can you harness what you do to reach more buyers? How can you create more wealth from what you do currently? Seat down and think and the innovative ideas will come. Brainstorm deeply and work on yourself always. Innovative people have made the world a better place today and they make people and themselves richer than before. 

That is a platform owned by an innovative man. He as well have people who are innovative as a team. Jeff Bezos first built amazon as a website where people can visit and buy books of their choice and the books get shipped to the location of the buyer. Before making the innovative idea that came real, he sat down and thought about it.
With time, ideas came into him on how to create more wealth and bring in more sellers into the business. This made him create Amazon Kindle. In the platform, independent authors can write and publish their books without any amount to be paid for the publication.

When people view the book online and click to buy, the book is printed, packaged and shipped to the buyer. That is what is called print on demand service. Today Amazon has brought in many independent authors, sell their books for them and earn their own commissions from those books. They also allow free e-book publication by independent authors.

Amazon today is not just a platform that sells books. The platform sells many other products including electronics, electrical devices, school items, phones, automobiles, and the rest. The company is innovative in her dealings.

So, do not think it is all about today. Tomorrow counts much more. Do your work and make the necessary efforts for better tomorrow. Your tomorrow can be brighter than today. 

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