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Friday, 29 March 2019

Why Building Your Hope around People

You are not incapacitated. You are not dead but a living being. Your hands and legs are not amputated so you can work; you can make money on your own. Your brain is not damaged so you can think and generate quality ideas. You are not sick so you can do something. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life.
Do not build your hope around people. There are reasons why you should not do that; Image source:Aitkinhope

So why all this saying "my uncle has money and yet he does not want to help me" Why the statement "that my cousin has much money but he cannot help my family with money and foods". Why the complain "my aunty has many houses in the city but she could not give us one apartment to stay in". Stop building your hopes around people. If she gives, no problem but do not see it as your right. 

If you are such person that complain always because your relations or friends do not assist, just try put a stop to that. It will not do you any good. Those whom you feel have much still have much expenses to make. As their money is large, so do they have large expenses waiting for them. So, the best thing you can do to yourself is to remove your eyes from their wealth and properties.

Be you a young man or woman, you can work your way out. You can design the future you want to be featured in. This you can do by being independent of anybody. Any person that builds his or her hopes around friends or relations will continue to experience disappointment and pity. So, restructure your thinking and up your games. 

Reasons why you should not built your hope around people
Here, we will be considering some of the reasons why you should not build your hopes around people. 

(1) You may have imbalance Perception

Sometimes you may be rating some people so high. They are not that financially buoyant the way you think unknown to you. So, one of the reasons you should not build your hopes around people is that you may be having wrong perception about the people. Some people may look good facially but may not have good amount of money in their bank accounts. 

That he dresses in suits most times does not mean that he has plenty of money. That is packaging and people like that for them not to be looked down at. So, people's appearance do not necessarily mean that they have good amount of money in their bank accounts. So, sometimes you may be having imbalance perceptions about people you build your hopes around. 

(2) You live Happily

Live a happy life by being self dependent; Image source: Inner Engineering
Everyone wants to live a happy life. Nobody wants to suffer but it takes some level of discipline to get to that level of good life. It is good to live a happy life but any that wants to attain that level must be ready to pay the price. Work your way out instead of being dependent on people.

Why not save yourself the heartbreak of being disappointed? Yes, save yourself from such mess. When you build your hope around people and get disappointed at the end, your happiness can be "switched off" for days. Many have been in sad mood for weeks because the persons they hoped to get financial assistance from did not show up. Do not shift to sadness because of being dependent on people. Just be happy always.

(3) It makes you build yourself

When you stop building your hope around people, you build your hope around yourself. And when you end up building your hope around yourself, you become a promising super star. 

Someone who builds himself up to a certain level in life becomes strong to the extent that he will not notice that he has rich cousins and uncles. When he lives under his own roof and takes care of his expenses, he becomes careless of the prosperity of the others. A person who builds himself to a level because he wants to be independent is a hero with promising future. 
As people build their bodies over the years after consistent training so can someone build and develop himself when he or she stops building his or her hope around people; Source: The Best Body building Quotes

(4) You develop

Personal and financial development is attainable when someone is not dependent on another. Just take for example that your uncle once disappointed you when you asked him for financial assistance to buy an important item from market. Maybe he has been helping you financially but that day decided to turn you down because you have taken your dependence on him as your right. 

Because the hope you have built around him over the years have failed you, you have to think twice. This moves you to learn new skills and develop them. Skills are important and can keep you going for years. 

The development must be there because you do not want to be disappointed again. When this development is met after constant practice, you become an expert in that field. Your development comes because you refused to build  your hopes around people again. 
Be a hero and stop building your hope around people; Source:
Be a hero fund

(5) You become your own Hero 

Heroes are known to be independent. Even at the toughest of times, they absorb much and bounce back after retreat. They do not complain so much no matter what it is that they are passing through. They never tolerate anything that may bring insult to their persons. Instead of them to experience such, they cut everything off at the beginning. 

Be your own hero. That should be one of your cardinal points not to build your hopes around people. No matter what it is, do not get so angry when someone turns you down because you needed his or her assistant. Leave those your uncles and cousins that you feel have money alone. Work on yourself and become your own hero to reserve some respect to yourself.

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