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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Making what you work on a Lifestyle

Making that which you are working on to achieve a particular thing a lifestyle is one of the surest way to get what you want at the end. That will make you see that
which you want to achieve as fun.
Sometimes, do not be too serious about a particular thing you want to achieve at a particular point in time. When you become too serious, you may struggle and achieve nothing at the end of everything. Take it as a fun and you will be marvelled at the height you will get to at the end of everything. Be free and do see that as a lifestyle. See it as your companion and you will be happy at the end.

You practice consistently
When someone takes a particular thing as a lifestyle, there will be no day he will not do such thing. He will be consistent with it because it has become part of him or her. It is like a bookworm that cannot do without reading book a day. He or she marries books.
Constant practice makes people to get it right. When someone practices constantly, he becomes used to what he has been practising and that becomes part of him. He practices without seeing what he practice as stress but rather as a lifestyle.

Have you seen where dancers practice songs that they will dance in one occasion or the other? They do that over and over again. During their practice, they train their bodies to be flexible enough. And they dance with joy. They forget their worries and are always free.

When they practice over and over again, they become experts and more experienced in that their field of expertise. Some may not be able to sleep any night they do not practice. It is part and parcel of them. The only time they may not practice is when they are sick. Otherwise, dancers that dance well are always dedicated to their daily practice.

You improve when it becomes lifestyle 
Yes for sure. There is always room for improvement when you make that project you are working on a lifestyle. It is in line with the statement "practice makes perfect".
Maybe in your workplace you usually find it difficult to complete a particular task. There can be changes if you make it a lifestyle. You do not need to blame yourself much for the past mistakes because there is always opportunities for improvements.

According to Phyllis Korkki, "You are human: Accept that you are sometimes going to slip up, become distracted and have a bad day. It’s more important to move on than to dwell on your mistakes". Even if you were not good before, you still hit strong improvement". It all boils down to improvement.
It is like meal 
As a human, we eat food everyday to keep us healthy and alive. Food is what sustains us and keeps us going. It help us carryout our daily functions effectively. When we eat, we gain strength to complete our tasks. 

We take our meals everyday. That is how we will succeed if we take that which we want to achieve as everyday task. We consume it the way we eat our meals. We feel uncomfortable any day we do not practice that. Take that which you have been working on as lifestyle. Taking it as lifestyle will make you give less attention to things that do not seriously need your time. 

A lifestyle practice brings new ideas. These ideas can come in different dimensions channelled for the accomplishment of any particular task. Youths should take their jobs as lifestyle practices. That will give birth to better and brighter future in their lives. 

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