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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Making better Plan as a Youth

In life, youths are usually centre of attraction by many people. Your parents, relations, elders and the members of your community wants to see your manifestations. In respect to this, there are things that you have to put into place to make it work out. It is not all about people hoping to see you manifest but you making plans to live a happy life in the long run. To be discussed are points to make it achieved.

Acquire important skills
Do not have all your eggs in one basket. It will be a big heartbreak if anything happens to the basket that contains all the eggs. That you study a particular course in the university is not enough. You need skills that work in the real life. There is no limitations to the number of skills that you can acquire as a young man or woman.

There are many people who are making it today in their professions and that which they do currently is quite different from what they studied in the university. Do not underestimate the power of skill acquisition. That is one of the things that will separate you from others. It is a great key. So plan your life with it.

Setting up realizable plan 
Aspiring to be greater than the person you are today is the best way to push yourself in the direction you want to go. Sitting down and outlining your life’s goals will put you on the fast track towards success (Lauren Moon 2016).

It is a good thing to set up big plans but let those plans be realizable. Let them be what can be achievable and not just drawing what you know within you that it is not possible. For example youth who struggles to buy clothes he wears on his body cannot set a plan of becoming the world richest youth by next year. It cannot work so he has to stop dreaming and wake up on time.

There are some realizable dreams that work in real life. Example is an author setting up a plan of publishing at least a book every three months come next year. In this target, the author can get that done without much stress. It is possible. If he gives himself target of writing at least 750 words every day, he will get the book project done within three months as planed.

In banking, a marketer can give himself a target of opening more accounts for clients than the score of the previous year and get that done. Maybe previously he opens 40 accounts in a month but wants to make it 50 per month in the coming year, it is attainable. The only thing is that he has to make extra effort. He ups his game and that is done.

The same applies to other professions and areas of interest. You can set better realizable budget for yourself and get the result.

Understand your Society
What works in the society you belong to is what you have to consider. What are the things that sell most in your community? What sells in Abraka in Delta state may not be the same that sells well in a part of California, United States. So, if you are a Nigerian youth, study Nigerian environment to know what really works in the country.

In the world of writing and book publishing, romance books and novels highly sell in United States and United Kingdom. But in Nigeria, that is not so. If you are a Nigerian author and wants to sell more books, it is advisable to dive into academic books. Most readers in Nigeria are students and most of them read what concern their course of study most.

A Nigerian student may not have the mind to buy a novel on romance category for $15 but an American student can do that because he or she derives joy in reading such novel. Nigeria as a country is not good in reading books. But a buoyant serious student from Nigeria can buy an academic book for $15 if the book is the only source for what he or she searched for. So while making your plans, consider the community you find yourself.

Be Social and accessible
Do not see yourself or behave as someone that is always serious. Everything about you is strongly rooted in formal approach. Man in general is a social being so it is important to attribute social behaviour.

Put on such display that will make people to always come closer to you and seek important advice and information from you. Do not squeeze your face and live one channelled kind of lifestyle. When you are social and accessible, you attract people who can be stepping stones for you in future. Do not see others as sinners and you are the most righteous person.

Engage in academic competitions as a student 
Competition brings the best out of you. As a young student, derive joy in doing it. Some talents have been discovered through academic competitions. There are many websites that publish notifications on the current competitions for students. Some of these competitions are organized by governments and others for good citizens of the country. They have prize tags to them.

I student who takes part in essay competitions for instance can discover his talent on how to write good articles. Also, some of them from writing articles start writing standard books of various categories. When a youth makes it in some competitions, the company that organizes that competition can train the student from first year to final. That is another benefit.

Mind your actions and decisions
This subheading concerns ladies the most base on the environment we find ourselves. It is better to live a happy life for long than enjoying for few hours and regret in your entire life. The society is filled with scammers both those who are diabolic and those who make themselves rich at the expense of others. It is evil and wickedness but many ladies see it as nothing.

Nigeria records about N127 billion loss annually to cyber-crime. In 2014 alone, the anti-graft agency – Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC reported that customers in Nigeria lost about N6 billion to cyber criminals. Banks in Nigeria have lost approximately N159 billion to electronic frauds and cyber-crimes between 2000 and 2013. The people that carryout these dirty acts are young men mostly but some ladies see such act as nothing.

Many old men and women cry to banks everyday for the money they lost to fraudsters. Some are illiterate citizens of the country. As a lady, it is important that you mind the kind of guys you date or hang out with to avoid blaming yourself in future. All that glitters is not gold. Some of these fraudsters take something out of some ladies unknown to them and this put their future families into trouble.

For some ladies who are ignorant of the dirty behaviours of these scammers in Nigeria, some of them after sleeping with these ladies clean their vaginal fluids with handkerchiefs and take them to the spiritualists that use them to do rituals for them for more money to flow. When some of these ladies grow up and get married, they find it difficult to give birth to any child. It becomes a big issue to them as they move from one prayer house to the other.

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