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Thursday, 27 December 2018

It is not yet Over

No matter how bad it may appear, it is not over yet. You can still build. You can still make positive effective changes. The mindset of a great warrior is always like that. A warrior always keeps his head up.
Image source: Amaka Media 
Even when people believed that he could not make much impact in fights, he beats his chest and said to himself "I can still make things happen". I will prove people that think that I have failed wrong. And he trains and makes himself better, you see him start winning fights again. You have to keep your head up now and always.

In the world of football, Mohamed Salah is doing exceedingly well today. He is honoured in England and in other parts of the world because of his current exceptional skills in football. But do you know what? This same young man was once rejected by Chelsea and Roma football clubs. The two clubs did not believe in him until he found himself in Liverpool Football Club. That was when he told the world that it is not yet over.

In the year 2018, Salah was among the 3 World Best players of the year. He is the World fourth most expensive player as of the time of publication of this article. He is so good in the year. He surpassed many people who have been doing better than him in the previous years. That is the spirit of any real man or woman that wants to make great impact in life. Such person never allows his or herself go down. He designs his own world in a unique well and do what other people have not been doing.

Do you feel that all your mates have gone far and you do not know where to start from? Listen, you have no excuse. You can still make impact. It is not all about who started first. It is a thing of the mind. If you believe it and do what you have to do and do it well, you get an exceptional result. So, do not be deceived with the wrong philosophy that some people have gone far in the system.
Image source: Threadless

Let me give you a practical example. Someone started building house in the year 2000 and till the year 2006 had not completed the house. And another man started building his own house in the year 2003 and completed it in the year 2005. Can you see the difference? The first person started on time and yet after six years did not complete his building. And the second person began his own building and completed it within 3 years.

Dear world youths, it is not yet over. You can still excel. You will win if you keep your faith up. There is still hope for you. You can make a mark that no one has made before in that your career or profession. No matter how bad it seems to be, excellence is still attainable. It is not too late at all.

Some spent years in prison and yet picked their pieces and started their lives again when they came out. Some thought initially that all hope is lost but later made their marks. They progressed as they engaged in legitimate works that paid them. Some after sometime started businesses of their own and are making it in their different fields.

Youths, you are still young. You can turn things around to good.  You can still make money. You can still grow yourself to the height you want to be. You can still show the world that the strength integrated in you is still intact. It is not yet over. Your own day can be today. Always keep your heads up.

Anything is still possible even if the year is just coming to an end. If you can dream it, set a personal target, and put in the necessary efforts, just consider it done. When you do what you have to do, you get the good results you want to get. There is no magic about that. Up your games world youths. It is not yet over. 

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