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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Worries will not solve anything

Why killing yourself in what will not add anything to your person? Why wasting your time and energy on what you know will not change yourself to better? Will worrying over that yield you any good fruit?

Hello friend, just chill. Forget about all those things. Move ahead in life. Just put the much effort you can and give it supernatural backing. Stop wasting your strength through worries. Work and pray.
Worries affect circulation and the whole nervous system - Dr Charles Mayo.

Worry is a thin stream of fear tricking into the mind. If encouraged, it acts as a channel into which all other thoughts are drained - Author Roch

There are many good thoughts but worrying yourself much can spoil all those your good thoughts. Preserve those your thoughts and device means to make them fruitful. Don't allow worrying yourself spoil those your thoughts that can give birth to something good to your life.

Are you worried because some of your co-workers in the office politely insult you by telling you that you are getting old that you should go get married. As a young man, marriage is not what you rush into. Many who rushed into it would be happy to come out of it but it seems difficult.

If they push you to get married when you know you don't have enough materials to take care of a family, will they give you the materials for sustenance? To be frank with you, some who are teasing you to go get married as a male youth want to laugh at you.

They do not love you. They just want to see how you can survive. Marriage is a thing of your own. Because of this, don't let anyone trouble you. It is your personal thing . You know when you are ready for it.

Do not worry too much because you don't have enough money to take of yourself today. Tomorrow is pregnant. That which you have been working on for long time now can turn out to good tomorrow.

Even if your fellow student insulted you in the school, just calm. Do not take it personal. Don't allow the anger sink into you.

If he insulted you today because you are not wearing a standard cloth like the one he putting on. Do not worry because you can buy more clothes of higher quality than his later in life. It is a thing of time.

Many laughed at me when we were in the university because my wears did not meet theirs in those days. But today, I have much more than what they had before. Do not worry so much when people acted in a disgusting way towards you.

Worry not my fellow youths. Move on. The much better things are coming. Do not drain your brain in worries. Worrying does not pay instead you loose weight.

According to Doctor Charles Mayo who said that worrying affects circulation and human nervous system, he is right. Worrying yourself can break you down. It can make you sick. If you continue in your state of self disturbance and at the end find yourself in the hospital, you have caused yourself a big harm. Ensure you keep yourself in a happy mood.

Maybe you have been try to maintain certain good standard of your person but you discover that you keep failing after some time. You rose and try again and at the end you still fail. My fellow youth, it is not enough to kill yourself.

Do not kill yourself by yourself. Slow and steady wins the race. You will surely win. Do not worry yourself because your were not getting it all right always.

Maybe your dream course of study is not coming fort. You tried and failed. You have written entrance exam but didn't make it. It is not enough to kill yourself.

If that course is not obtained by you, you can pick the available one. You can develop yourself in that you have passion for after your study in the university.

Just be wise the world youth. Do not kill your person with worries in this your youthful age. Worry not instead device means to get those puzzles sorted out.

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