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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Keep Yourself Busy as a Youth

It is important to have yourself engaged with some responsibilities as a youth. Keep your mind busy with something of value. No matter
how small you think that responsibility is, use it to keep yourself alive. Keeping yourself busy with a job makes a man out of you.

A busy mind is like a car that runs on the road. This car moves to convey the occupants to their destinations. In the other way round, as the car moves, it helps it to be in a sound state unlike when it is parked in a place for years. If a car is parked in a place for a long time without being used or serviced for months, with time, the car begins to develop faults.

First, some parts of the car begin to rust. Again, the oil begins to dry out gradually. Before you know it, the tires of the machine become flat. That's to say that the car at this point begins to loose value.

That is what happens to any youth that does not want to keep himself busy with something that will help him grow. With time, he will begin to loose value. That was the thing that happened to the abandoned car.

Refuse to be an abandoned property. Refuse to be a lazy youth. You have all it takes to live an active life as a youth. Do not be dormant because you are waiting for manna to fall from heaven.

There are many skills you can acquire as a youth to keep you going in life. It is this skill that can keep you going in life. Let your head be up and you will not gas up.
The fact remains that there are many people who are living large today because their skills kept them going. Your own can keep you going that you can impart and make other peoples lives better.

I know of women that have empowered a lot of people through their acquired skills. These are people that train nothing less than twenty young ladies each in every three months. They engage the youths and they, the trainers, also make money in return.

Those trainees later became owners of businesses and they keep on progressing. They are progressing because they refused to be idle. They refused to be dormant youths but rather kept themselves busy.

When you are busy with one or two benefiting engagements, you think. And because you think, you cannot stink. And because you cannot stink, ideas flow from you. These ideas that flow from you can manufacture things that will make you successful in life.
A young man have to do work. Yes..., you heard me well. You have to do work. That will make you understand and appreciate the value of money. It will help you to really appreciate what you have or make through the work you do.

Many who are being given everything they need by their parents all the time may not be appreciative. Their parents can buy everything they need for them at every point in time. Because of this, they can use those items carelessly because they didn't buy it with their own money.
A story has it that a youth has a father who is well to do. The father of this young man bought a brand new car for the son at expensive price. A brand new BMW car.

Because this young man who just graduated from high school college did not really understand the value of money, he used the car carelessly. He did not have respect for money because he had not worked to earn.

The young man crashed the brand new car in two months. This happened to the extent that the car was beyond repair. Nothing could be done to bring the car to a reasonable sound state.

Later, the father being a rich man went and bought a new Lexus car for the same son. After six months, the youth crashed the new one as well. That appeared wasteful to the father.

After the occurrence, the father seek for advice from a close friend on what to do. The friend advised him to get the son busy with a job that will make him earn himself. It took the young man time to gather money of his own.

He woke up early in the morning, dressed and went out into the field for his responsibility as an engineer. When the young man saved about two thousand US dollars, he went and bought his own  car. The car he bought was less expensive to the two his father bought for him when he was not working.

You know what? He treated the car he bought with his hard earned money as his everything. He didn't joke with it. The car lasted for him.

Do you know why it was like that? Because he worked and made the money himself. He understood the value of money at that point.

So, keep yourself busy so that you don't stink. No matter how small the pay is, it's better than being idle. You may end up destroying yourself when you do not keep yourself busy.

Get your mind occupied with relevant things. It will make you better in a very good way. It will make you have peace of mind and also enjoy the fruits of being busy with valuable things in future. Keep yourself busy as a youth.

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