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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Complain less and work more

It is wise to reserve your strength instead of complaining all through. Complaining from time to time may not solve much in that your condition. Try and put yourself together and reason out better ways to make your life meaningful.

The politicians are messing up the country; the society is very corrupt; people are so wicked; there is high unemployment in the country; the government is not doing anything to help the youths. These and many others are the complains we get from youths on daily basis.

If we continue to complain like this everyday, we may end up achieving nothing in life. The best thing to do is to device a means to better yourself. We know all these but the channels to greatness are personal. You are on your own.

A serious business minded man thinks of what will make his business grow and make more profits in return. He surveys to discover the viable areas in a particular society where he will get more exposure and offer values to consumers that will pay in return. He does not have most of his time into political arguments.

Some lazy men who have less work to do are always arguing on politics every time they have to add value to their lives. We see this among the men that take playing of games as their job. Example of such men are those that play drafts. They argue from one corner to the other and at the end went home hungry. It is not as if one cannot discuss politics but many have taken it as their full-time job. Those you are discussing about are busy having good times with their families and friends.

If you as a person have made your money and then live happily, you will have less time for the so called corrupt politicians in your country. Why? Because whether they want to  turn the country upside down, you live your life comfortably. You are good to go because you are rich.

When you work and make your money as a youth, you will be happy with yourself. You will be less bothered. When people are debating and arguing on politics, you are busy counting your money, and devising means to make more. So, focus more on things that will make you better in one way or the other.

Your personal achievement should be your focus. Even if government policies are affecting you in one way or the other, work smart to strive. Some of the government officials you are complaining about do not care about your tears. Succeed and the complains will be no more. Build your home and live better. 

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