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Saturday, 2 June 2018

You are on your own: be wise

It baffles me whenever I see some youths behave as if they were created the same time with some persons. Even identical twins have differences between them. No two individuals are
the same on this planet earth. They have what differentiate them.

So, as a youth, it is good if your learn how to do things on your own without involving any group of individuals. Why some youths have gone astray today is because of peers. Peer groups have done more harm than good to our young girls and guys in the society. They want to belong.
Drug abuse is common among many young people. The trend is increasing on daily basis. Notwithstanding the bad side of abuse of the drugs by the youths, many are careless about the side effects which may not show up on time. Many see it as a way to show that they are strong people without knowing that they are killing themselves. 

In the long run, many end up blaming themselves. As a youth, it is important you start to understand that you are on your own. If you develop a sickness later in life because you want to do what your peers are doing which are not good, you will bear the pain alone. It is very vital you become wise now and stop any kind of lifestyle that will damage your life if not today but tomorrow.
You are on your own to make effort in any area you find yourself to be happy when you begin to live well. If you are a working youth, it is not necessary that you join the group to complain when they feel they are not receiving what they suppose to receive. The truth is that there are many people outside there trying to have the opportunity you are having right now. 

So, complain less and work out ways to have residual income instead of complaining every time. When you feel sad about the job you are into, you will end up being unproductive. Embrace the job and shot your ears to any form of complain. Be productive and be happy with where you are. Where you are today is better than where you were yesterday. So, put in more effort and be creative. Something positive will start coming in one day. 

If your job is commission based job, do not expect any magic to happen. This kind of job requires patience and hard work to get positive result which shows in your earnings on monthly basis.  I have a personal experience on this kind of job. Some who left the job without having something on ground to fit in are regretting today. 

What happened was that whenever commissions are paid then, many of them became angry as the pay was low at the beginning. They failed to understand that the job they were doing was commission based that the low pay would not continue like that. They more customers you have, the more your money is increasing. When some were leaving the job, I told myself that I am on my own; that their decision cannot be my own decision. 

One of them who left the job to another company was making jest of us who remained in the system. He saw us as people who were doing a substandard job. You know what happened? The company he joined dropped him because he was not meeting up with their demand.
Today, he regrets because he sees that we are progressing in the job. He has no job now. We that remained in the job now have network of customers who indirectly make us rich. The digits in the earning figures have increased. That is life for you.

Understand well that you are on your own. Do not do things because others are doing it. Never allow any peer group influence you by taking a wrong decision. You are on your own so learn to be wise. You have your life to live personally.

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