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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Ideas don't come out fully formed

The statement "Ideas don't come out fully formed" was made by Mark Zuckerberg .

At the initial stage, an idea may not come out fully formed. Initially, it may seems as if it does not make any sense at all. It becomes like different parts of a motorcycle which are not yet assembled and fixed together.

The moment those individual parts are technically and properly arranged and fixed, that become when a complete motorcycle is made.
That is how some ideas are. They do not come out fully made. Until they are intelligently gathered together and fixed, that's when they produce results that can beautify you as the idea generator.

You nurture your good ideas. Sit down, think and find out ways to make them yield some profits to you. At the beginning, the ideas may not have the basic ingredients needed to make it grow to the fullness. It is as you work with those ideas that you will begin to see other good things you have not discovered at the beginning.

In the area of independent authoring of books for instance, their are many authors that have made it big. At the initial stage, the ideas on how they would make good money through their works may not be clear.

They first finished their works before thinking loud on how to market their books. First, they have the ideas to write. And second is on how to make the books get to the right audience that will read and utilize the books.

Because some of the independent authors have no money to publish their works, their ideas graduated into marketing their books in digital format using reliable companies like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, and Lulu. As days go on, self-publishing authors create better ways to sell more of their books. Ideas do not come fully formed. They develop as you dig deeper into that your field.

Some of these self-publishing authors have recently created personal websites which they use in reaching more readers who are interested in their books. This is another arm of the idea formation. The sells keep increasing on daily basis.

Because the ideas are initiated in the first place, some book publishing companies spot some of the outstanding books of the self-publishing authors and decided to publish them in hard copy and then take their commissions per books sold.

On the other hand, some of these independent authors choose to use print on demand companies and still makes profit from that channel. Don't be afraid to take a step when you have ideas that can make your life better. Ideas do not come out fully made.

In the area of buying and selling, there are many people who have made it today. The dynamism they are enjoying today were not there before. They got the ideas to start business and they began. Today, they have discovered many other ways to make more money through what they buy and sell.

At the initial stage of the business, the facilities that make them sell more were not there. An example is the internet marketing. Many businesses owners have largely grow their businesses today through internet marketing and distribution of their products/services. These ideas were not present at the beginning of the business.

Ideas grow. Ideas do not come out fully formed. You design them when they showcase themselves. So, do not devalue any ideas you have to make yourself better. You can form those ideas to something great in future. A builder builds from foundation to the roof.

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