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Friday, 20 April 2018

It may seem everything has Waxed Cold

Your mind as a human fights with so many thoughts day and night. And sometimes if your heart is not well guarded, it ends up thinking of bad thoughts or naughty things always.

You may try to get those thoughts off your mind but it seems the more you want to leave, the more you feel like staying to think about those naughty things. That shows that your mind is always
at war. But, the positive can win the negative only with high level of discipline and proper structuring.

An unexamined life does not worth living. Sometimes try to get those thoughts off your brain by getting busy with things of good value. If for instance you are an author like me, you can try raise a new topic and write on it. By the time you do that over and over again, you will discover that your attention has shifted to those things of value.

Also, when it seems everything you were doing before which are of good benefits to you have waxed cold, you can make a move. Entertain yourself with something different. Find a place of relaxation and stay for some time. As you do this over and over again, some good thoughts may start coming up. Those thoughts at the end will make you achieve better results.

In the life of man, that fire at point may seem as if it is not burning again. It may appear as if the wax is hardened by coldness. Do not be weak. Slow and steady is what wins the race.

First of all, you need to examine yourself to know if there were things you were doing before that you don't do again. Also, look into your prayer life to know if the fault is from there. Check to find out if there are other things you were giving your attention the more.

After all these, you will surely find out where the coldness is coming out from and then make amend. Never mind, that fire can still burn again. Force yourself to take a bold step, the wax will gain heat and flow again.

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