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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Behaviour can handle almost everything

Photo source: Coloradomesa 

What is your behaviour like? Do people say well of your behaviour or bad? Your behaviour can make you or paint you black.

I began to write this topic after I received a brief inspiring story from a friend on Whatsapp. It was about an Indian actor Amitabh Bacchan and J. R. D Tata.

Both persons were traveling in a plane and while many people recognized the Indian actor and showered praises on him in the plane, J. R. D Tata was quiet and behaved as if he was not hearing anything. They were sitting together. Tata was simple and calm and behaved as if he has nothing.

When they reached their destination and the plane stopped, Amitabh introduced himself as a famous actor while Tata introduced himself as J. R. D Tata. Mr Tata is a billionaire industrialist that owns Tata Group of companies. The actor was shocked on how humble such great man is.
Photo source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

That is life. Your behaviour should be an intelligent one. Also, your behaviour sometimes should be determined by the situation at any point in time. There are times when you need not to talk but keep quiet to reason out some ideas. Ideas rule the current world.

Sometimes, you may not necessarily fill your room with bulky properties. You do not need to be noisy even when it seems you have the highest amount of money in the company you are working or in your community. Learn how to be well behaved. When you start displaying proudly, so many eyes will be on you and that may cause you pains in the long run.

The pain may come in the form of kidnappers searching for you here to there because they like taking their own cut from people that show themselves. You must not make noise. Be a humble being.

As a youth, you do not need to show your fellow course mates that your father is a rich man. Dress simple and good and go receive the lectures that others receive. Do not make yourself complex by wearing complex materials all over. Use your brain to avoid attracting unnecessary attentions towards yourself.

When you see everyone making noise at any point in time, you may not really join the train or continue with them. Sometimes the need to listen first comes in first before any decision.

What is your behaviour like in your place of work? Sometimes you may ask yourself why it happens that many ladies on some companies are not yet married. Some of these ladies are people who are earning well financially in the company but no husband. This kind of thing happens because some of the ladies have bad behaviours.
Be conscious of your behaviour. Your behaviour today can promote you tomorrow. In the other hand, your bad behaviour can make you have stunted growth in your life. So, be conscious of the way you behave. Behaviour can handle almost everything in a good or bad way but all depends on the one you portray.


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