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Friday, 9 March 2018

The Beginning may not be Smooth

The journey to personal successful achievements varies from person to person. That Michael got a good job immediately after his university education does not mean Jackson must get a good job immediately after his graduation. Also, that Michael got such favor immediately after the study does not imply that Jackson cannot get a job that pays more than that of Michael later. That implies that the road to greatness varies from
one person to the other.

In life, the beginning to a greater height in general is not always smooth. It comes gradually. It is like building a brand new house. You first make the foundation of the house and from there other steps follow. So, no matter what you are passing through right now, take it easy. Just follow the due process and you will see yourself at the top one day. As a youth, I have learnt how to follow things step by step. If you cut corners, you may end up regretting in the long run.

A hard and smart working individual must survive and succeed no matter how tough things appear to be. If you are determined that you will reach a particular mark and then apply the formulae for the right result to be obtained, you will definitely make it. Nothing on earth can stop you from making it. Look beyond your current state

There is a saying that Rome was not built in a day. But in the current century, am telling you that United States of America is not built in a day. There were people that sacrificed their time, money, energy, and materials to make the country what it is today. People sacrificed their blood and fought for corruption before the country built their current world class standard. It was not easy for them at all but today, the citizens are enjoying from the good seed that their founder sowed.

When they were fighting for their independence and eradication of other practices that were not good, there were countries that were doing better than them. But today, United States has surpassed such countries because they fought and looked beyond their then state.
Because the beginning is not always smooth, you have to look beyond your current state. You cannot feature in a future you cannot picture. When you picture yourself as someone that will be living a better life with time, believe me you will be there. Forget about anything they may be saying because of your current state. Beat your chest and tell yourself you are going to somewhere higher with time. It will help you to summon courage and then move ahead.

Source for Ideas
There are many ideas that are latent in you. You may not have discovered them because you have not had time to think properly. There are many things that you have not discovered about yourself that can make you get to that destination you are driving to reach. Also, there are ideas that you can acquire from people. You can ask others who have been in a particular business before you to see how you can do that particular thing better.

Why do people make reference to other people work when they are writing their own books or carrying out their individual academic assignment? That is because they want to see the views of other authors that have written something at the related area. They know that their own knowledge may not be enough to write a quality work and because of this seek for additional information.

It still applies to you that are not finding it easy at the beginning. It is recommended that you stand on the shoulder of giant if you really want to see far. You have to source for good ideas from people around you. It is recommended for you to have a faster growth in that your profession.

Be focused
Nothing on earth can stop a strong determined heart. A determined heart always wins irrespective of any challenges that come his way. He falls and stands up and then keeps moving. His mind is always fixed at that destination he wants to get. Until he gets to that destination, he would not rest. If you are really determined, no matter how tough the street may be, you will not rest until you get there.

An inscription writes “do not stop when you are tired but stop when you are done”. If you are focused in achieving that which you want, there is possibility of you getting tired. But, when you are tired and remember that you are not done yet, you will be moved to keep on going. Until you are done with what you are working on, that is when you stop. If you as a beginner have that in mind and then motivated, you will get to that position you want to be.

Greatness has rough beginning
Fraudsters that defraud people even know that it was not easy for them before they got what they wanted from their victims. You that want to make it in a right way should also know that it is not always easy as well.
Greatness always has rough beginnings.
Some people that we have been hearing their names of exceedingly doing so well passed through rough parts. They did not see it as bread and butter journey before they got to where they are today. People who invented Google and the most popular social media site in the world currently, Facebook, passed through rough beginnings. It was not all smooth for them at the start.

Amazon, an online marketing company, has expanded to so many departments and different parts of the world. Their outlets have even reach Africa. But, do you know what? This is a company that just started as booking selling establishment in the United States of America. When they began their sales, they were not making much money. Even some people were in doubt because they were not sure if the company could stand the test of time.

What are we seeing today about the same company? It is now a giant company that is feeding a lot of people from different parts of the world. It is not only that because it sells many other diverse products other than books.

Amazon is one of the richest online marketing companies all over the world today. It is a great company today but started rough. The tech giant is the largest Internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization, and second largest after Alibaba Group in terms of total sales (Jopson, Barney 2011).

You may start rough and end big. Continue doing that which you know how to do best. Do not give up. You can expand to other angles in future irrespective of the current rough beginning. If there is no cross, there may be no crown for you to wear on that your head.

In the old days, people that were the crown of kingship are those that have fought many opponents and succeeded at the end. They are known to be brave people. In the African settings, some kings were known to be people that have gone to the evil forest and fought with some spirits and at the end won to return back to the land of the living. You also can win no matter the hard times.

The beginning may be rough but let it always ring to your mind that the latter glory will be greater that the present. It may not be all smooth but the future holds something better if you can look beyond the present.

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