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Monday, 12 March 2018

Stand up straight and Lift it

Muscles are created by lifting things that is made to weigh us down. By the lifting of those weights gradually and consistently, muscles begin to develop. Do not worry so much about
the challenge you are passing through right now. It's an experience to make you stronger. You have to be strong my people. Take it as part of the examinations you have to pass to break through in life.  

This experience is designed to make you better. It cannot swallow you no matter how heavy it seems to be. You need to be strong enough my fellow youths. Do not allow the weight to overshadow you. You can win it.

Have you ever seen weight lifting people? Do you know how they developed the muscles that make them look stronger? They developed such because they never gave up when they were lifting the bulky weighed objects.

When they pass well in lifting a particular weigh, a heavier one is then given to them. So do not give up. You are just passing through training. A time will come when you become strong enough.

And do you know what happens that time you become strong enough? You start winning prizes at that point. People start admiring you at that point without knowing what you passed through before you built the level of standard you are enjoying.

No matter how cumbersome the challenges may seem to be, you must win if you persevere. Do not quite because it takes time to develop muscles. It requires a lot of extra works and trainings.

God cannot allow any challenge that is beyond your capacity to come upon you. It's a training process. You are still a work in progress in the hand of the one that made you.

Even if the job you are into now is not encouraging, there is always a way out. There will be a time you get enough experience in that job and the whole thing will be easier for you. In that state, you have built good muscle standard. My dear youth, stop complaining so much and work out your ways. You will surely make it if you understand this principle.

Call it exercise. You heard me so well, call it exercise. You may feel so sad maybe because of the bad treat you are receiving from your boss in the office, just call it exercise. No matter what happens, the heaven will never fall because of what you are passing through.

Tell yourself that you are going somewhere. You are going to somewhere better and that is one of the reasons you are passing through that task. That task is training. You are passing through training school of challenges.

It is well. Even when you passed through emotional stress or trauma for the first time, you felt as if you would die. But you did not. You are still living till today. That was a training and no emotional stress can make you feel as bad as of before. Just keep living. Stand up straight and keep living, the weight is to make you and not to break you.

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