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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Seeing beyond your current Horizon

In this context, the word ‘horizon’ implies the limit of a person’s knowledge, experience or interest.  Seeing beyond your current horizon as it implies in our discussion today means seeing beyond your current experience, knowledge and your pay in the company currently. It is seeing beyond
the current obstacles and discomfort you are passing through in the organization. It may not be encouraging at the current state but when you see beyond your current state, you will something brighter ahead.

The latter glory will be greater
No matter your current state, of the truth is that tomorrow holds something good for you. In as much as you are apply the appropriate formula expected from you by any establishment you find yourself, the result will be generated. At the start of any tough mathematical equations that involves long processes, the answer does not come quick. The way to arrive at the final answer correctly is by solving it step by step. As far as you do that, you will arrive and get it right.

You may get tired but do not stop
Nothing can stop a determined mind. Slow and steady wins the race. When you get tired on the journey, rest and then move on with what you are doing. That is what makes you a human. Irrespective of all the obstacles on the way, a winning mindset must always win. Sometimes you may be tired in the job you are doing in a company because of poor motivation, but that should not make you to stop. Sit down, think and device means to get more effective result. Do not stop when you are tired but stop when you are done.
Photo: Do not stop when you are tired; Source: Uzochukwu Mike

Develop a good shock absorber
There are shock absorbers but the good ones work better. So, if you use vehicle, you have to make use of a good shock absorber to enjoy your ride. Anything other than this may make your journey a stressful one.

In some companies (example Insurance companies), pressure comes from the managers. If your shock absorber is not efficient enough, you may be moved to leave the job out of annoyance. In such companies, no amount of productions achieved by the financial advisors is usually enough. You can receive harsh words from the head. So it is normal.

The moment you find out that it is part of the job you are into, you may not get angry so easily irrespective of the pressure. If your shock absorber is not good enough as a staff, go and work on it for more effective result to be generated.

Work hard and smart
A man who satisfies his conscience by working hard will always get a good pay. Even if the pay does not come instantly, it will surely come. In Physics, work input equals work output. The same applies in organizations where individual efforts determine what they take home. 

Ensure you make smart work part of you. As a marketer, you have to think and act smart. Within you, know the premium you think any particular prospect can pay and then give that standard to him or her. Also, make sure that your work is not in vein. Why selling to someone that you know cannot add consistent cash into your pocket. Sell most of your products to capable hands to have renewable income. That is the smartness in the business.

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