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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Only God is Right

                                Photo: Only God is right. The picture describes the topic
                                Source: Okwuagbala Uzochhukwu Mike (title author)

He is the only one that is right. We live in a world where people notice your mistakes so easily than the things you did right. You can do more than ten goods for people but many would not appreciate or see them. But the moment you do one thing wrongly, that is when the world will notice it easily and brand you a wicked fellow. This should tell you that the only one that is right is God.

Of the truth, you cannot please everyone. What is required from you is the hunger to do things right. Do not be afraid of what people will say when you are doing certain things. One of the reasons why you should not afraid is because your Philosophy is not the same with theirs. They may see you as doing a particular thing wrongly because of their orientation or philosophy about life. But to you, your orientation is quiet different so you two will not agree most times.

As a youth, do not allow anybody push you or make you blame yourself so much in life. All of us are making efforts to do things right but only God is right. We ask Him to help us and make us do things the right way. Do not be misled in anyway by anybody that thinks he or she knows more than you.
                                                           Photo: Only God is right
                                        Source: Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike (title author)

What happens after their judgement? Does their judgement make you to stop prospering? What God need from you are the efforts you are putting to ensure that things are done in their best ways. There is nothing you do to be rated hundred percent by humans. So, proceed. Let the empty words of people go with them.

So far you have examined your conscience to some extent, keep on moving forward. No man should slow you down in your effort to build a better life. Before you proceed, just do some personal examination and then continue. Keep making efforts and never give up. Even when people are judging you, take it as the normal thing one can see in life. Many of them cannot pass the roads you have passed. What most of them are good at is gossiping around. Do not be confused young man.

Do not in any way be discouraged by the side talk of many people. If they gossip that you have many females and you “have fun” with all of the, take it a one thing you can experience in life. Only God is right so do not be moved due to their empty words. Make the efforts that you have to and then leave the rest in the hands of the almighty God.   

Another dimension of this article is what we see in different places of work. There, we see people argue much because of the opinion that one see as the superior. Your opinion may be good but may not be right. The one with a particular idea may want his or her contribution used for a particular project.

He or she may argue from now till tomorrow because to him, his own contribution is the best. He does not care about what idea others have to ship into the discussion. But because that is an organization and not his own company, he becomes angry when his opinion is not taken. As a youth, you cannot always be right. Know that no matter how golden you think you point is, it can never be the best always.

Develop the attitude of considering other people’s point of views. When ideas are brought together, the best is worked with. So, you must not wine always. Stop nagging because your opinion which you think is always right is not taken. When organization agrees on a particular thing which they believe is the best, just try and cooperate. You must not be always right.

Remember, if everyone becomes the marker of his own examination script, everyone will individually make wonderful and excellent grades. Because of this, allow people analyse and choose the best ideas to work with. It must not be all about you. It must not be all about the point you brought into that discussion.

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