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Sunday, 11 February 2018

It may not be Rosy

Photo: Rose colored flower; Source: Rose only 

You have been trying for a long time now but it seems nothing is working out. You have been working on the project for some time now but to you there is no visibility and profitability. You learnt the trending skills that everyone has been talking about and yet you are not seeing any remarkable result. You switched over to another that you were advised to try and for one year you are seeing just a little result.

“Is what is happening to me ordinary? Is there any spiritual force trying to pull me down? Are you sure is not my village people that are trying to pull me down so that I do not achieve anything in life? Wait, it may be this old man in my village that is causing these my problems because he hardly smiles whenever I greet him.” This may be some of the things going on in your mind every time you looked at yourself and find out that things are not going exactly the way you planned.

Hello!!!!! It may not be all rosy in some cases. Sometimes, there are projects that take more than two good years before they show their fruitful manifestations. In this kind of projects, what you need is perseverance. You have to be patient for some time before you start reaping from them. Those projects are like some trees that bear fruits after every two years.

I may not know exactly what you are passing through right now but of the truth is that if you continue digging deep, time will come for manifestation. During this manifestation time, you will be so happy with yourself. The good thing about this kind of project is that once the fruits or the results start coming forth, you will enjoy it for a very long time. 
Rose flower; source: .FTD flowers
Get some motivating tips: Honestly, when you work on any project that does not show its results within a short time, you can get tired easily. But when you have some things that stimulate you and keep you going, you will have the energy to keep on moving forward. There is great power in what you hear or read. You have to get motivating books that you have to read to keep you moving. Whenever you feel tired, pick one of them and read and you will be strengthened again.

Continuously work on it: Do not create vacuum between that project and yourself. When vacuum exists, you will get tired on time. But if you marry it, there will be no room for tiredness. See yourself working on that project even when you are sleeping. When you make the project your partner, you will not be happy with yourself when you have the time to continue working on it and you are feeling lazy. It is like someone who wants to build a blog. If he makes writing his culture, he will see himself writing always. He continues like this until his blog is noticed by search engines and traffic begins to grow on daily basis.

Look ahead to the future glory: I feel so happy when I see people send me congratulating email after reading my articles or books. It shows that I have impacted into someone’s life positively, and in turn I get my monetary pay for that. It gives joy. In the same way, when you picture the earnings and reward that surrounds the project you are working on, you have no reason to stop halfway. Just look forward for the good stories that are yet to be unveiled.
The beginning may not be all rosy but you will smile at the end if you keep working for great positive results.

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