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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Get Busy with Something of Value

You need to be busy as a youth. Refuse to be lazy in life. No matter how small things may seem to be coming in, do not in any way stop. 
Youths that got busy by learning some computer skills, source:World Economic Forum
Continue to do something. An idle man is the workshop of the devil. When you stopped doing that that was giving you small money before, you will see yourself floating in the air. The only time I advice you stop is
when you get something that offers more cash into your pocket.

As a youth, you can covert that thing you think is small which you are managing right now to something better. The decision is left for you. You can repackage it and in turn begin to make it bigger. Be a creative young man or woman that can redesign something to have higher result in turn. If you are involved in any activity that offers you value, ensure you do it and do it well. 

In the world of today, many youths feel comfortable in their state of idleness. The feel relaxed and not too worried. Many of the youths of today are not worried about their condition of staying at home and doing nothing. They drive joy in jumping from one social media to another. They forgot so easily that those that created those social media sites were so busy before they got those projects done. Also, they were ignorant that the owners of those sites are making their money as they surf through their site. It is not as if visiting those sites is bad but it becomes bad when you were not getting busy with what adds value to yourself as well. 

Youth unemployment has been a hot topic that has occupied news headlines of many news companies’ publications. Notwithstanding all the articles that discuss the unemployment among the youths and the possible solutions, the truth remains that the problem still exists. As a youth, you need to think deep to win this challenge. It is not a must that a company that deals on what you studied must employ you before you start earning a living.
A youth learning mechanic skill to keep himself busy, Photo source: Alamy Stock Photo

Why not get busy with something that you know will add value to your life as a person? You can develop yourself. Do not in any way be disturbed of what people will say when you are in a journey of your personal development. Your concern should be to get good result at the end of the whole thing.

There are so many skills to learn outside there. You can fix yourself in any of them instead of staying at home doing nothing. There are many who are doing better than those that are into white-collar jobs. They make more money for themselves and also have their time to enjoy the money they made. Do not be so angry with the government when you could not fit in into your area of study after graduation. Learn something new and move ahead in life. Get busy with something that will add value to your life and be happy at the end.   

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