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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Only God is Right

                                Photo: Only God is right. The picture describes the topic
                                Source: Okwuagbala Uzochhukwu Mike (title author)

He is the only one that is right. We live in a world where people notice your mistakes so easily than the things you did right. You can do more than ten goods for people but many would not appreciate or see them. But the moment you do one thing wrongly, that is when the world will notice it easily and brand you a wicked fellow. This should tell you that the only one that is right is God.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

It may not be Rosy

Photo: Rose colored flower; Source: Rose only 

You have been trying for a long time now but it seems nothing is working out. You have been working on the project for some time now but to you there is no visibility and profitability. You learnt the trending skills that everyone has been talking about and yet you are not seeing any remarkable result. You switched over to another that you were advised to try and for one year you are seeing just a little result.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Get Busy with Something of Value

You need to be busy as a youth. Refuse to be lazy in life. No matter how small things may seem to be coming in, do not in any way stop. 
Youths that got busy by learning some computer skills, source:World Economic Forum
Continue to do something. An idle man is the workshop of the devil. When you stopped doing that that was giving you small money before, you will see yourself floating in the air. The only time I advice you stop is