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Friday, 15 December 2017

Think well before You make that move

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The decision you take today can make you or break you. It can make you survive in life or bring you back. That is why you need to think well before you make any move in that your decision.

So many people are regretting today because they made a wrong move. They failed to think critically and intelligently before they took a step. Some left their previous work thinking that where they were going to would be better but disappointed at the end.
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In one of the articles by PocketNews on the topic "10 Things better to Stop Doing if you want to be Richer", it states, "Poor people see more disadvantages in their jobs. With an attitude like this, you will probably agree that it’s quite hard to increase your income."

It's quite unfortunate you see many people complain about their current jobs. They forgot so quick that there are many who are seeking to occupy the position they are enjoying currently. The job may not be rosy but yet there are people who are seeking for that opportunity. 

Before you leave any job you are doing, think well. Don't just leave the job you are doing when the place you want to run to is not guaranteed. Think very well and make the necessary analysis. 

Complaining every time about your job will not help much at all. I want to ask you a question, "are there people who are making it in that job you want to rush out from?". I know your answer is yes if you are sincere to yourself. 

One may say that he needs money to start business and quite salary paying job. That's nice but when there is no money to start that up at the point in time, then manage the offer you have presently and then save to get the business you want exist. 

I know of a former colleague that left the work we were doing together to another company without thinking well before he made the decision. In less than one year, he was sacked because he couldn't meet the target of the marketing firm. Please don't be in a rush to get something. 
                                           Photo source: The Balance

Growth in life is a gradual process. Do not rush because you will likely make great mistake if you do. Do not be moved by get rich quick syndrome that have put many youths of today into trouble. Learn how to persevere and plan on how to better succeed in your present situation.

So many young men do not believe in gradual growth in life. This is why many find it difficult to stay in a job for long time. They want to have mansions within few months of working in a company. Take your time to think and analyze any job before you leave the one you are managing currently. 

It is not as if you will not leave if you have a better offer but let there be proper examination. You will make it in life if you think well before you that any step. 

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