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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Think about Your Goals

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In Economics, there is what is called Scale of Preference. It's determines which of the needs you are to attend to first before the others.

According to Kojo Enoch, a scale of preference can be defined as the
list of wants or needs that a person writes or comes up with in order of importance. That's a more detailed definition of the term. The list according to the level of importance.

As a youth, what do you have on top of the table of your scale of preference? Is it how to fuck around with some young girls in your community? Or is it how to device means to make more money and live better? 
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I weep sometimes when I find myself in the midst of some young men and their discussions all centre on women. Sometimes I was provoked to ask them whether all the know is all about women. 

It is not as if that is not important but making it to be on top of the table in your preference list is wrong. Youths, think more on the techniques to apply to make those your goals achievable. 

To be honest, thinking about your goals will give you less time to think about your hurts. It will give you less time to think less of that emotional challenge your are passing through. 

If in your goals, you have how to reach over three hundred thousand people that will buy your products within two months, you think more on how to make it happen. It can be the advertisement strategies to use, the affordable costs to sale to the customers, and the nature of the customer relationship to establish with old customers so that they can buy more. 

Try and forget about anything that may try to bring you down. Be focused in determining new approach to sell. Let yesterday go with its loss and today becomes a new day for remarkable positive results. 

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We are in the century where social media has taken over the time of many young men and women in our society. From Facebook to Twitter, and from Twitter to Instagram, and from Instagram to Whatsapp. These tools have become means of distractions to the youths. 

Sometimes as a youth, you need to put off your data. This will make you to stop receiving every time notifications from any of the social media sites or applications. You can visit sometimes but leaving your data on always can distract you. So, control the rate at which you visit. 

The time you would have used to reason on those your goals may be given to the social media sites. So, try and limit your concentration on things that will not help your goals more. Those people that established social media are using it as their businesses. I hope you know that. So do not allow your own goals to be stunted because you are always on social media. 

Think about your goals and back them up with good actions. You will get there if you do so. Forget about the wasted time of yesterday, and become active today. You can make it happen. 

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