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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Be Conscious of what you do: Your Actions Today may cause you Pain Tomorrow

As a person, it is very important you are conscious of everything you do in life. Do not do things anyhow. The reason is because any action you take today can cause you pains tomorrow. So, think before you act.
Photo source: Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike

As youths, we easily find ourselves breaking and establishing relationships without thinking well. The truth is that we get hurt when we do all these but yet some do that because they think the partner in question is not as important as she is. Yes, breakup can occur but don't do that intentionally to hurt the other. Do not see yourself as one that is more important in a relationship because if you leave because of pride, you may end up meeting devil as your new date and that may lead to marriage. Before you realize yourself in this case, its already late.

In many homes, step mothers maltreats the children of the other woman because the woman that gave birth to them is no more. But because God is not asleep, these maltreated children in some families later became greater when they grew up. This sometimes make the step mothers to weep at old age because those whom they took to be nothing ended up as the pillars of their families.
Photo source: Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike

It is a pity that many youths of the century are growing deeper in fraud and ritual killings to make money. Some of the youths living this kind of life are after what they gain. They are after what they get at that point in time without considering that such actions may cause them pains in future.

Talking about young fraudsters the are waxing stronger in our society today, they are after the money. Whether the person they defrauded pronounced curse on them or not is what they are careless about. Notwithstanding that they got the money through fraudulent acts, sometimes their conscience judge them in their quiet times. Some of them at old age find themselves in pains because the dirty games they played at their youthful ages.

Some have killed and some used trick to clean the virginal fruid of the ladies they slept with for rituals without the knowledge of the ladies on what such act may result to. I learnt that is one of their tricks when the case was brought to one police station in Delta state. I advise ladies at this point to know the kind of guys they hang out with.  This kind of people that commit this wicked act are popularly known as G boys.
Photo source: Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike

There is no peace for the wicked. If you are a youth and feel that the only way you can make money is either by rituals or killings, you may end up regretting it if not now but later in life. It will cause you pains because you will not have peace of mind.

Drug taking is of increase in the society. The largest number of people that get involved in this are the youth. Some do that just to feel belong while others do that just to satisfy their desires. I once met a young handsome guy who told me that the reason he does that is to while away time and to go high. Some take drugs because they want to have great sex with their girlfriend or partners. No matter what is the reason while the young do all these things, the truth remains that the side effects will come later. And you know what? It causes them pains and regret. Be a conscious youth. 

Be conscious of whatever thing you do as a youth. Let your yet to be carried act be properly checkmated before you conduct it. Do not allow that your actions of today cause you pains tomorrow. Just be careful. 

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