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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Fan the Fire into Flame

The fire is still there just fan it into flame. The fire as I mentioned here can mean a lot of things to different individuals. Also it can pass different indidual messages to different people.

That which is to be fan into flame can be the passion for your prayer life, the passion to write, the ability for you to do that which you have not been doing before, or the hunger to think deep as you used to do before.

No matter what it means to you, my message to you is that you can quicken that in you which has been in latent state for a long time now. Getting that activated will make you start getting effective results again. It will make you alive again. It will make you happy the way you used to be.

I want you to know that it is possible for you to fan the fire into flame once again. Maybe you were good at writing before and you were well focused. Then you published more than 12 different article topics in just one month. At a point, the passion started to die. The reason may be because of some challenges or shift in attention to other things. Maybe you got another responsibility or the publishing does not pay again.

No matter what it is, I assure you that there can be revival. You can still fan that your writing passion into flame again. It can be revived. Reactivation can still occur. Summon courage and put yourself into action. Make it a point of duty to write ever day. As you do that, the passion starts to grow and before you know it, you have fanned that your writing career into flame. Develop that interest again.

Religious, fanning into flame can be activating that your prayer life once again. It can also be using those gifts given to you by God effective. Putting them into work. Maybe you were praying well before but now you found yourself not doing to the expectation again. You find yourself getting cold.

Of the truth, if you are in this state, you have to checkmate yourself. The fire is still there. All you need is to fan it into flame again and it will start burning again. You can be fit again. Yes you can.

Think of those things you were doing before that you are no longer doing today. Maybe you had prayer timetable before but now you have none again. Or then praises get you connected to the heavenly but you don't do that today again.

Integrate those practices into you and you try again. You will see that the fire will start burning again. Live the holy life you were living before. Prayer is the key and believe you can fan it into flame again.

Never give up my friend and my reader. Even if things are no longer going the way they used to, you can still get things activated. You can quicken that good result again. Try your hands again and you will quicken results. The fire can mean some personal things to you. Just apply the suitable formula. 

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