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Monday, 13 November 2017

Acquire Skills as a Youth

Skill acquisition is one of the things I cannot stop teaching young people and the world through my writings. I have tasted and seen the importance and because of that decided to always teach that to my readers. Whether you are big or small, you need one or two skills for sustenance.
Even if you are a civil servant receiving salary on monthly basis, their should be something you can really do at your spare time. What if that your salary earning job fails? What will you fall back to at that point in time? Acquire good paying skills and stand to survive better in this tough world. You will do better if you acquire good skill outside that your monthly paying job.

There are many people who were working in some companies before but today they are their own bosses. They make more money and live happier lives. They were under people before but today they are on their own. They are able to survive and make it more on their own because there is something they have. They have something unique. 

That unique thing they have is skills. They acquired skills over years and are using such skills to make their lives better. Skills can make you have your eggs in baskets rather than having them in just one basket. Skill acquisition is needed and is to be developed for more streams of income to come. 

As a marketer in an insurance company, I have learnt that I can strike better balance and earn good additional money if I have any skill outside that my job. After my daily work, I fall back home, put up some topics and get them published and also work on any website if there is any am designing at that point. That's how residual income comes gradually. And this residual income can accumulate to something bigger with time.

As a youth, you need to acquire skills. There is increase in youth unemployment globally but those who acquired paying skills are not affected in any way. You need good skills as a youth. It will help you and make you go a long way.

Even if you want to become a medical doctor, it is important you have additional skill outside that your medical function. It is not bad at all. It's not a sin to do that. I know of a certified medical doctor who bakes cake and supply to people who need them for any occasion. She makes good amount of money and yet that does not deprive her from performing her medical roles.

Get a good skill as a youth. It will pay. It will take you higher. It will make you happy. It can boost your income. It will make you stand out among equals. It's very important as I wrote on the topic "Importance of Youth Empowerment", which is available on the internet.

The fact that someone is a student does not disqualify him from learning some skills. It does not prevent him from developing himself through acquisition of new skills. In some universities, lectures end on time on Friday. Also, some students do not attend lectures on Saturday and Sunday. Those free times are enough for students to register under some persons to learn something new. No skill acquired is small. Youths and adults should be active in learning new skills. Embrace skills for better lives. 

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