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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Living and Adapting with a Group

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Living with any group involves application of wisdom. If this factor is lacking, there is possibility of you having problems with the members of the group you participate in. As a youth, you need to be diplomatic in handling people that you are in the same group with.

A group is made up of people from different family backgrounds. Because of the nature of the backgrounds they come from, there is mixed characters. The behaviors of the people in the group must be different. This is because the nature of the training you received from home is not the same with that which I received.

On the other hand, the people that trained you are not same persons that trained me. That is variety for you. So, if you are living with a fellow youth and you feel that her character is very bad, call her to order and talk to her. If you push further and found out that there is no positive change, then learn how to manage her.
Title: Minority students group 
Source: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

In the universities, we see ladies who are living together quarreling almost all the time. Some even go to the length of reporting to the school authority. All these sometimes result because of different background training. So, the best thing to do at this point is to practice human management until the rent you paid together expires.

In Whatsapp groups, we see people leaving because they felt that some persons in the group are not decent enough. Others say that they cannot see themselves partaking in such rubbish. Some after much conviction decided to stay while others insisted on leaving and at the end they left.

Exiting the group makes them feel more respected but to me it shows how they can manage people. To be frank, human management is not an easy thing but we need to learn it. If we fail to do that, that means there will be disagreement everywhere. There are some things you see and overlook as one who has a matured mind.

As a youth, no matter how stupid you think that troublesome participant in that group is, there is usually at least little good side he or she has. So, take it easy and benefit from that his or her good side. Let us learn how to manage participants in any group for peace to reign.

Many countries are having problems today because they find it difficult to manage the groups that make them. We need good human to human management for peace to reign.

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