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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Life is not a Competition

Friends, life is not competition.Do not make the mistake of doing what that your friend did because you want to belong. Do not live your life to please anybody. Life is not a competition so stop those things you are doing because you want to please your girlfriend or your boyfriend.
The young, please be wise in living that your life and never compete with that your colleague.

I will like to give an instance at this point. Your mother is not feeling well and she is at the point of death. Your people called from home demanding for some amount of money to rescue that your mother and your girlfriend at that point is demanding for the same amount of money. Because you want to please that your girlfriend and compete with your male friends who take good care of their babes as well, you end up giving the money to your girl. This makes you risk the life of your mother.

We have seen a situation whereby young men have spent the money given to them to pay their fees in the university in acquiring properties. Some use theirs to buy electronics sets while others used their own money in buying some instruments that make their rooms look more pleasing. They did this because they want to compete with their other friends who are well to do.

The life you are living is more than just a mere competition. That that your real friend bought a new car should not push you away from your priority. At that point, his priority may be a car while yours is quite different from his. In that regards, do not scatter your table of preference because you want to compete with your friend. Follow that your priority as that may pay you something better in return.

Maybe as that your friend's mind capitalizes in buying the car, your own is on how to buy at least a plot of land. When in the long run that your land pays you better, the money in return can buy you so many cars. So follow your mind and do not allow your life to revolve around competing with any on material and property acquisition. 

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