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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Youth Crime: Is that really Justifiable?

I am not here to judge anyone. My concern is on the view of what is trending in our society currently. Things have changed so much over the years. The "change" as used here is the negative one.

Youth crime for the past few years is on the high side. The young men and women in some parts of the world has turned into coded fraudsters. The annoying thing is that some who are into this are proud to claim it.

In Nigeria for instance, some people can proudly tell you that their brother or cousin is into G. The G there means coded internet fraud. The G boys as they are called are intelligent internet fraudsters who scam people especially the white. They can paint pictures of things that seems to be real to extort money from their victims.

In the institutions of higher learnings, these young men and women are there. Yet people praise them for being that. Some police officers are happy to see them on the expressways so that they can be given some money.

Other coded names they answer is Ghana Burgers and Yahoo boys. Yes they made a lot of money and many ladies want to befriend them because of their money and lavishing lifestyles. But, some ladies who are modest and conscious are afraid to go close to them. Some wise parents on the other hand do not like to give their daughters in marriage to men in this category because of the nature of the dirty business they do.

No matter all the wealth they acquire, does that make their crime justifiable? The answer is no. Notwithstanding their ill gotten Wealth, the truth remains that a crime is a crime. Some of them see it as being smart but of the truth is that it is a coded Criminal act.

Everyone chooses the life he or she wants to live. But on the other hand, it's good for someone to put himself in the shoe of a particular person before taking any action. Some of them who hack into someone account and empty their accounts did not think how they will feel if same is done to them.

A crime is a crime. Another thing is that what goes around comes around. All youths should be at alert and separate themselves from any criminal act. No matter the baptismal name they may give it, a criminal act remains what it is. 

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