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Monday, 4 September 2017

No Best Time to be Serious

Yes, there is no best time to be serious to get to that place you want to be. You need to be serious. If you keep waiting for a very conducive time for you to get back to work, that time may not come. You have to force your way through.

As a youth, you are having so many unfulfilled projects on your desk. Whenever you want to get to your desk to continue with your work, laziness starts to grow in your bone marrow at that point. You began to loose interest in that your project which you know that when you put in the required effort, you get paid in the long run.

That moment you would have used to dig deeper into your project becomes when you realize you have not visited your Facebook account for the last two hours. You remember you have not checked your Whatsapp to find out who communicated with you two minutes ago. You remember that you have not given attention to the trending television program that almost everyone in your location have been talking about. These things make your attention to your projects to change, and you failed to look into any of them for that day. Because of those pleasures, you got distracted.

As a youth that is living in this century with me, there is no particular time to get to your personal duty. There is no best time for you to be serious with those your projects. People are able to set up great landmarks because they didn't wait for the best time. There is no best time. You have to create your own time and call it what you want it to bear. If you want it to be best time, it becomes best time for you. Separate yourself and do not do things because others are doing it. You must not watch that program on the television at that particular time because others are doing that.

For your information, I hope you know those people you watching are portraying their business at that point in time and you are leaving your own business to suffer. Do not be deceived. It is not as if those programs are not good but do not allow your own business suffer because you are patronizing another man's business.

Youths all over the world are distracted by pleasures, social media and the rest. Some students find it difficult to study because of those factors. The channels were created to help us and not to distract us. As a student, do not wait for a very palatable time before you get serious with your study. The best is that time you want to watch that your favorite program. Be wise and use the time you have well. Do not allow laziness to destroy you.

Some projects which are supposed to be completed last month are still at the middle stage because of man's inability to manage time effective. You have to stand on your feet and stop prioritizing things that will not add much values to our life. The best time is now. 

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