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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Is stressing Relationship Applicant Right or Wrong

It is a new month of October 2017 with new ideas and a new category on this website. Diving into this category came into my mind this early morning and I felt it's important to do justice to it. This topic is an important one as many female youths have been living in some philosophies that are not doing them good at all.

Why should a young girl who is matured enough be stressing a relashionship? A lady once told me that the reason why she was doing that is to find out whether the guy that was asking her out really loves her. So many other ladies in different parts of the world still have this same mindset.

Okay, it is not bad for you as a lady to wait for few time to know if that guy that wants to go into relation with you really loves you. But on the other hand, turning that into stress is not something good at all. If you stress that guy that wants to go into relationship with you for a long time, the guy may end up leaving you and later you end up regretting it. You will regret it because you were living in other people's weak philosophies. What do I mean by this?

There is an old fashioned believe system that a man that loves you continues to wait and follow you around until you say yes to him. Some ladies believe that that man that loves them will always keep following them around even for complete two years until they say yes to their application to be into relation with them. The simple question I want to ask is this, "Is there anything such ladies that have this kind of mindset are carrying that other ladies outside there are not carrying as well?" The entire parts of body they have in completion is also the same parts other ladies outside there are having. These ladies that have this kind of midset have lost men who best fit them in life because of their stupidity.

Some ladies that have this rubbish atitude has ended up growing old in their fathers house. It is not a healthy thing to stress a guy that is asking you out. I hope you know that there are thousands of girls outside there that are searching for such opportunity you have? No matter the kind of quality or qualification you think you have as a young lady, it is not enough for you to stress any guy that wants to come into your life. If you continue like that, time will come when you will be the one in need to be in a man's house lagally but you will find out it is already late at that point in time. Think wise and act wise as a young lady.

 Relation involves mutual benefits. When a guy applies to be into relationship with you, it is not as if he is the only one that is going to benefit from it. The benefit is mutual. In the other words, two of you who are into it will end up benefitting from it. So, if you are among these ladies that have the mindset that they are doing a man good by accepting relation with them, just erase such believe from your mind. You both gain from it.

If a man wants to start courting you and you are in a state of confusion at that moment on whether to say yes or no to him, just tell him to give you little time. After few weeks, communicate to him on whether you want the reationship to be established or not.

As a lady, I want to advice you that you have a limited time on choosing a man. Do not be among the women that have felt so important and at the later ends up in their fathers house. The time of getting married has passed and today they are not happy with their lives. The pride of every woman is the husband. Do not regret later because you were believing and living in old teachings. Be wise and make your choice on time. Do not stress any man that loves you.

This is twenty-first century so update your software. So many formula that were working in 18th century do not work in this current century. Be wise and take the right advice.  

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