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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Faith without Work: An empty Drum

The modern day Christianity has taught many youths that manna can fall from heaven and they grab it even when they did not work. This kind of prosperity teaching that one can succeed without working has mislead so many persons. On the other hand, it has rendered many lazy and poor. Some of the teachings motivate the Christians that favour must follow them even when they do not play their own part. It is true that miracles happen but the way modern day pastors teach about it is not how it suppose to be.

Some have been waiting for someone whom they have not seen to walk from no where and just come and give them lump sum of money when they did not make any effort. There are natural principles that work for anyone, be you a Christian or not.

One of them is that you have effective results when you are dedicated to your duty and put in the necessary effort expected from you. That's the standard through which things work. So if you are a Christian and you want to live a better life, the simple formula is you playing your part by doing what you are expected to do and at the same time doing it at the right time.

As a youth, that your faith in achieving that which you want to achieve must be backed up with the necessary factors needed before the positive results will come. Do not go to the corner of your parents house and pray day and night for the expected manna to fall for you. Days are gone when manna fell. Presently, you have to hustle your way out.

Religions have beclouded so many Africans. Many of them cannot think right because of what religions have done to them. There are so many wrong teachings that have kept them in the state of stunted growth. The thinking of many youths of this continent is no longer straight.
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Imagine a situation whereby someone who calls himself a Christian constructs a message and order you to forward it to ten members of your contacts who are on Whatsapp social media platform and if you do otherwise that bad thing will happen to you. Many out of fear had and have been spreading such kind of messages are blinded because they lack knowledge. The reasoning of many youths are shallow due to the fact that they follow wrong teachings.

Some of the constructed messages will tell you that if you send the messages, after 5 days you will receive good news that will promote you financially. These are empty messages but because so many Africans, example Nigerians, are chained by religion you see them continue the spread. What happens when there is no financial boost as promised by the empty message? They will continue living their lives and some fail to understand that they are practicing dead faith by doing that. All who get involve in this kind of rubbish should go and work.

No matter the kind of religious indivitual you are and think that your faith can break ground, without work, you cannot do anything. You cannot make any impact. Faith without work is dead. No matter how big your faith and dreams are, bad  it up with hard work, If you do not do so, that your faith ends up as empty drum.

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