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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Young Money: A Sweet Thing

Drake spotted courtside as he watched his beloved Toronto Raptors face the Miami Heat;
Source: Theybf.com

Almost all youths want to make young money. There is a saying that riches are best enjoyed at young age. As an author, website builder and professional insurance
marketer, I like young money. It's a good and sweet thing. I don't really know your take in the young money ideology.

Sometimes, the young feel bitter when the young money they want to possess is not coming forth. I do not blame them much because that is what they like and desire to have. In some television shows, people who have made this money young are being showcased. When the young who have not make his own money young watch such shows, his bitterness sometimes grows the more. He begins to ask himself the question,  "is my own world really different?" Am I not in the same world with these people who are making this Mega Millions.

It's normal to react that way because money is much enjoyable at young age. But I want to inform you that things do not really work the same way. The journey of that rich young man may not be the same with your own journey. Yes, many need young money. I need it too. But I don't pray for the one that will put me into trouble. Your prayer should be young money that will make you live a peaceful life.

Do not be overambitious because you want to make it young. Many young people have been in the state of agony because they wanted young money either by crook or by hook. I will make young money. I am working hard legally towards that.

What is your view in making it as a youth? Do you think young money is a sweet thing? Please comment.

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