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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Taking Your Responsibility Personal

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In life, some results are personally achieved. You need to work your way out. You may not meet any human messiah that will help you climb to that position you want to attain.

Thought sometimes at the beginning, a messiah may surface. But
that massiah may not help you do the necessary background jobs you need for optimal results and satisfaction. And in other cases, youths have no messiah they met before they climb to where they are today.

Whether there is going to be a helper or not, you have to take your responsibility personal. Taking it personal will make you achieve greatness. It will make you to be proud of yourself when you finally get to that position you want to find yourself.

On many occasions, I have met many young men and women who were feeling sad because their loved ones disappointed them. They felt bitter because the promise and hope given to them by their uncles and other relations are not fulfilled.

As a writer, I have received such disappointment from my relation but what helped me was that I had plan B. That plan B of mine is what have been keeping me going till today. Never depend on the hope given to you by your loved one. Always have a reserved tire which is your plan B. These cousins and uncles can dissapoint.

Your uncle might have promised you job before your graduation from the school. He might have told you that he will help you secure a job immediately you graduate from the University you are attending currently.

Many youths have been failed by this kind of promise. So, to be on a safer side, start your own plan personally. Take your personal step into making your future better. If you have your plans and at the end that plan of your uncle works, that becomes a Plus.

Life is a personal race. Do not be among the people that would end up complaining because their loved ones failed them. If you know you want to go into business after your graduation, start on time to save your money. Those uncles and friends you are hoping on sometimes find it difficult to release funds. Peace be with you. 

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